Sunday, August 5, 2012

Title Page using a Kit

Back to scrapbooking with my title page for our vacation photos.  We do a group shot every year on the last day.  I think it would be fun to put all on one page sometime to show a comparison.  Hopefully the kids are the only ones growing.  :-) For now, I have this year's photo using supplies mostly from the ArtfulDelight August kit.

I also video taped this one.  Typically when I do a video of a scrapbook page, I know exactly - well, almost exactly - what I'm going to do.  In this case I had some ideas but really didn't know for sure as you can tell from the video.  Warning:  I change my mind on minor things a time or two.  I learned that when I do this kind of 'seat of the pants' scrapbooking on video, it will take A LOT of editing to get it down to a reasonable length. I chopped out a lot of the glueing and some of the indecision.

There are two techniques in this - one is the basketweave I used to anchor the photo (at 4 minutes in).  I'm working with a rather bright stripe salvaged from a busy print.  The other technique is getting ink drops when you don't have and don't want to create a mist for a particular color.  (at 7 minutes)

Watch at YouTube

Thanks for stopping by today!  I have another video for Tuesday on organizing my distress inks.  I promise, it is much, much shorter and I didn't even have to do any fierce editing.  Happy day!


  1. We also take group family photos on the last day of vacation. It's a fun time, but also sad because we know vacation is almost over. Love your basket weaving, great idea and a fun layout!

  2. Lisa what a fabulous kit and your page is awesome! Love all the techniques you incorporated. TFS and making the video.

  3. Your layout turned out really cute. Love the basket weave technique!

  4. Another great layout :)
    I love the idea of taking a photo every year :)

  5. You always have beautiful layouts and this one is no exception. Great picture

  6. Love the pic but love the interlaced ribbon too! Nice coming from a kit where you can use it that way to coordinate so nicely and seems to make the whole page pop. Love the different lettering you used for the place and the date to btw! Thanks for sharing!


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