Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Lots of 4x6 Photos

Very seldom do I print all or almost all of the vacation photos I take anymore.  I usually pick out my favorites and think some in advance about the pages I want to create.  So I'm often cropping photos to 3"x 4" or other sizes I can use on my pages.  For a recent trip which included my parents, I wanted to have a set to give to my mother so I sent a ton of photos to print in duplicate.  They are full 4x6 photos.

I did select a couple to do as 5x7 and have one of those on the main page of this spread. There are actually 3 pages here as I've used the back side of the divided page protector as well. This style of page protector is from American Crafts. Here it is at A Cherry on Top:  Divided Page Protector

And here's the process video:

Thanks for visiting today.  Next week, I'll have another spread on 2 regular 12x12 pages with lots more 4x6 photos.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Stenciling with Gesso

I have some pretty old gesso where the lid wasn't on very good.  It's gotten a bit too think to spread with a brush but works well for stenciling.  I also played with some mists on this page.

The colors seemed very soft to me so I went with a theme of "peace and quiet."  That is what I love most about where we live in that there is seldom any road noise and you can't here the neighbors.   The TV is never, ever on unless someone is watching it.  I really hate background noise.  I do listen to music some but not a ton.  I mostly do that when driving.

Right now I can hear the program my husband is watching on-line. I've shut the door to his office but the sound still creeps through. Ah well, there is still plenty of quiet time.

Here's the process video for this page:

Are you a person who likes quiet or who craves some sound in the background?

Thanks for watching!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Odd Moments

When traveling, I often have these odds and end photos of little moments in the trip.  I took a few from our last trip which included my parents and put them on this page.  I also used some odds and end Thickers for the title.

The papers are Life in Color 6x6 from Simple Stories.  I also used some of their die cuts and stickers.  If you like 6x6 papers, check out the Sensational 6x6 Paper Techniques class.

Here's the process video for this page:

Thanks for visiting today!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Art Journal Page: Channeling Passion for Good

When I started this page, I just wanted to play with my gelli plate and some book paper.  I still didn't know what I wanted to do with it after gluing down the papers and adding the circles.  "Passion" was the word that popped into my head.  This was last week just after the shootings in Dallas and I just felt that so often people's passions explode.  It doesn't have to be a shooting but sometimes we shoot off our mouth about things without thinking out what we could say that would convey the point more clearly and less hurtfully.  So here's to finding ways to channel our passions in a good, useful way.

The process video for this page includes the gelli printing at the beginning and then covers the rest of the page:

Thanks for visiting today!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Flashback! Cutting photos in circles

Everything comes back around eventually.  For this page, I'm getting a lot of photos on one page by cutting them in circles.  The difference from years back when we cropped our photos into shapes is that we now have digital photography so there is a backup if I ever want to reprint the photos. That's a relief.

The circles also go with the theme of wheeling around in a scooter.  My dad gets out of breath easily these days and can't walk very far.  I rented him a scooter at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens so he could see everything we did.  He loves to drive and to mow grass so this was right up his alley.

The page uses some older product from Simple Stories, Bo Bunny and Fancy Pants.

Here's the process video:

And here is the sketch:

NOTE:  I am trying to get something sorted out with a very old blog unrelated to my papercrafting.  However it is all part of my Google world.  If for some reason I get locked out of this blog or my YouTube channel, I will post an update on Facebook.  I have to go into something that resets my password and I'm not sure what will happen :-0

Thanks for watching!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

October Afternoon Warehouse Box

After being so pleased with the Basic Grey warehouse box earlier this year, I decided to try another. October Afternoon offered boxes for $20 plus $8 shipping. Pretty cheap and I got lots of good stuff.  Here's a video sharing the goodies:

I particularly like having all those small letter stickers.  I'm not a huge letter sticker user except for the little ones.  I think I'll use them on a layout I have in progress.

Thanks for watching!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A sparkly garden theme

This may not be the typical garden page but then it isn't the typical gardener.  My mother is a bling girl who loves to garden.  On this day we were shopping for a new topiary tree.  I've used Basic Grey's Urban Lux papers and die cuts for the page.

The photo makes this look fairly busy but it looks good in person.  The title is sort of funny because my mother is not indecisive when it comes to purchasing decisions.  I am!  In this case though it seemed to us that it took her forever to decide between these trees that all looked alike.

Here's the process video:

And here is the sketch for this page:

Thanks for visiting today.
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