Saturday, July 23, 2016

Stenciling with Gesso

I have some pretty old gesso where the lid wasn't on very good.  It's gotten a bit too think to spread with a brush but works well for stenciling.  I also played with some mists on this page.

The colors seemed very soft to me so I went with a theme of "peace and quiet."  That is what I love most about where we live in that there is seldom any road noise and you can't here the neighbors.   The TV is never, ever on unless someone is watching it.  I really hate background noise.  I do listen to music some but not a ton.  I mostly do that when driving.

Right now I can hear the program my husband is watching on-line. I've shut the door to his office but the sound still creeps through. Ah well, there is still plenty of quiet time.

Here's the process video for this page:

Are you a person who likes quiet or who craves some sound in the background?

Thanks for watching!

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful pages.
    the mosaic looks great and I do love the soft background.
    We too never have the tv on unless we are watching it in the radio either.
    If I watch a video on my laptop, I plug in my earbuds so I only listen to it :)


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