Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Lots of 4x6 Photos

Very seldom do I print all or almost all of the vacation photos I take anymore.  I usually pick out my favorites and think some in advance about the pages I want to create.  So I'm often cropping photos to 3"x 4" or other sizes I can use on my pages.  For a recent trip which included my parents, I wanted to have a set to give to my mother so I sent a ton of photos to print in duplicate.  They are full 4x6 photos.

I did select a couple to do as 5x7 and have one of those on the main page of this spread. There are actually 3 pages here as I've used the back side of the divided page protector as well. This style of page protector is from American Crafts. Here it is at A Cherry on Top:  Divided Page Protector

And here's the process video:

Thanks for visiting today.  Next week, I'll have another spread on 2 regular 12x12 pages with lots more 4x6 photos.


  1. Liked your way of displaying multiple photos on a page for those times when there are several on a single topic. And made me chuckle when I realized I'm not the only one to "stomp" on old punches (McGill, I think perhaps). Hey, it works! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love that you got so many photo scrapped!


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