Monday, August 23, 2021

Scrambled Stars

When in the craft room lately, I've been card making or sewing.  Recently I finished my first art quilt in many years.

I had this idea awhile ago of taking traditional blocks and mixing them up, literally.  In my original sketch the horizontal black bar was lower and the quilting had channels that helped it radiate from the center more distinctly.  Unfortunately, the time between the sketch and the making extended and I lost my plan a bit.  I got a bit too dazed by technology.

For many years I have used Powerpoint to lay out my quilts.  It's the software I had and knew. It wasn't that efficient but it worked.  With the last couple of quilts though, it had become very tedious.  There had to be something better.  A quick search yielded  EQ8 from Electric Quilt.  It looked to be the most popular quilt design software with plenty of features so I bought it and designed this quilt - without referring to my original sketch.

The software is easy to use and like a lot of software has more features than I really need and is a bit shy in some areas that I use more.  I'm learning as I go. I've already used it to design a simple Linus project quilt.  It was very helpful in determining the amount of fabric I needed and in trying various layouts.

For this quilt, I needed little fabric just a chance to play with different ones to get the effect I wanted.

While it is a bit different than the original sketch, it was an interesting change. This is the most white I've ever used in a quilt - or in a quilt I actually finished!  I'm really a color person and tend to like to fill the space I have so leaving so much literal white space was a challenge for me.

If you stop by for scrapbooking, please be patient with me. I've had a major life change in the last few months.  My mother passed away.  I haven't really been interested in scrapbooking and my time has been consumed with her affairs.  I don't know when I will return to scrapbooking but hope to get back to some type of videos this fall.

Thanks for visiting today.


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