Thursday, January 28, 2016

Off We Go

We have my dear husband here playing with the little ones on a very warm August morning.  His daughter looks on.  They are trying out everything with wheels they are allowed to operate.

For the page, I've used Simple Stories So Rad papers and a little gelli printing. In the video you will see me make a few gelli prints that aren't quite what I'm looking for.  That's one of the things about gelli printing, you never quite know what you are going to get.  It's fun though and those cast-offs from one project may work perfectly with another.

Also for this page, I've used a 2 page sketch from my new 2015 sketchbook for a one pager.  There are 9 2 page sketches in the book and many can do double duty for one page layouts as well.

Here's the process video:

Check out the sketch as part of the sketchbook available here.

Note:  In the video, I mention that BasicGrey is my favorite paper company.  I was so sad to learn last night that they are exiting the papercrafting business!  They have a couple of new lines but nothing after that.  So sad that yet another great company is leaving us.

Thanks for watching!

Monday, January 25, 2016

2015 Sketchbook is here!

My collection of sketches for 2015 is here!  This year, I have 40 sketches in one ebook for only $6.  Honestly, 2015 was a very challenging year as we worked through many medical issues, mostly with my husband and my father.  So I did not get as many process videos and sketches completed as past years.  This is why there are fewer sketches and a lower price.  I think this is an especially good selection as nearly 3/4 of the sketches use or could use 4x6 photos and there are 9 two pagers!

All the sketches are contained in one document and organized by the number of photos suggested for each sketch. One photo, two photos, up to 11 photos per layout!  Each page also contains a link to the process video created based on the sketch so you have a years worth of handy scrapping tips right at your fingertips.

Each page in the PDF shares:
  • A sketch to scale
  • Sizes of several elements on the page including the photo sizes used
  • Suggestions for substituting the number or size of photos and other elements
  • A link to a process video in YouTube based on the sketch.
Both single page and double page layout sketches print at 6" square so it is very easy to measure any item on the sketch and double the measurement to find the exact size for a 12x12 page.

I have again included an index for the number of photos and a supplies index.

Here's a preview:

The 63 page PDF is $6 (US) and available for immediate download after payment through PayPal.

Click here to go to the Sketchbook screen for purchasing.  Thanks so much for your supportive comments and thumbs up throughout the year!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Pumpkin Roll

For this holiday themed page of my stepdaughter's dessert, I used some new Christmas papers and everything else is from my stash.  Most of it has been with a very long time.

For the title, I used stamps so I could so the 'o' in roll with a roll shaped stamp.  For the embellishments I added some Stickles to give them a little extra color.

All of the processes are in the video:

And here is the sketch:

The 2015 Sketchbook will be ready in just a few days!  Thanks for visiting today!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Create your own Sunshine

I love this quote I found on Pinterest:

"Some days you have to create your own Sunshine."

Isn't that the truth?  Many days, it's been literal too here as we have had so much rain.  I'm posting this on a sunny day though and am planning a walk to take advantage of the warmth.

For the pages, I wanted to do some gelli prints on lighter weight paper.  I've used book paper and some thinner designer paper.  For the house, I used some mixed media techniques similar to those in Christy Tomlinson's Behind the Art class.  She demonstrates on canvases.  I highly recommend her class for learning about all types of paints and media.  It's very thorough.

The flowers were stamped and the colored with Faber Castell Pitt Brush markers.   The page is an update on one from my older art journal which I share in this video on YouTube:

Thanks for visiting today and I hope your day brings you some sunshine as well.

Monday, January 11, 2016

What's New page with a mixed media background

Since we have visited our favorite vacation spot every year for 24 years now, it is getting a tad difficult to come up with new photos and new layouts.  Still I want to capture these memories.  For 2015, this was the only vacation we had and it was short so I really wanted to do a few pages.  Last year I noticed several improvements to the area and took some photos and continued that tradition this year as well.  The park we biked to is likely not that new but it was to us.  Little improvements in bike paths and beach access make our paradise even more perfect.

So for our trip around the island, I needed a background paper.  It is nearly impossible to find scrapbook paper for nature photos.  Usually I do woodgrains.  For this page, I used some ideas from an art journal video and added a bit of stenciling.  The embellishments were cut on the Silhouette.

I also used the Silhouette for the curved title.  These ideas and many more on titles are in my Silhouette Titles and Text class.  The self-paced class includes 9 layouts in 3 1/2 hours of video content.  See the description here.

Here's the process video for this page:

And here is the sketch:

Thanks for visiting today!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016 Plans Page with video

Several days before the new year, I gave some thought to what I wanted to do in 2016 and made a few notes.  Over the weekend, I typed these up and created a page I know I'll refer to several times in the new year.

This one has 4 pockets for journaling.  In my pockets I have: Accomplishments for 2015, New Year's resolutions, Goals and Objectives for 2016, and Other ideas for the new year.

The last category is one I started last year when brainstorming some ideas.  Last year proved hectic and it wasn't until late in the year that I really looked over this list.  I had done a few of these but added one more late in 2015 that I think will prove to be a winner for me.  So it is a fun, no commitment list.  Just ideas of things I might do or might not. These can help me get unstuck once in awhile.

In an earlier post, I referred to my take on resolutions from a couple of years ago.  To me, a resolution is about making a new habit or changing an old one.  It is something ongoing, not something with a set goal.  I have a goal to lose a specific amount of weight.  I might make a resolution to record my food diary every day.  It is a step toward my goal.

I believe resolutions are most successful if they are fun or give you a positive result you can really appreciate.  My first resolution isn't always fun.  I'd rather just cuddle on the couch where I'm warm and watch TV but it is so nice in the morning to have a few things done already.  I had this one last year and was so-so with keeping it.  Part of the objective is to get me to my scrap space earlier in the day when I have more natural light.

My resolutions for 2016:

1.      Prepare for the next day by having a menu plan, emptying dishwasher, laying out clothes and doing activities in the evening that don’t need natural light.

2.      Continue on 5 year journal (in year 4)

3.      Watch 1 YouTube How To/Process video per day

4.      Do one “Me” out-of-house activity per month

The 5 year journal has been a resolution now since 2013 and it has become automatic.  Every evening I pull up the word document where I keep my journal and answer the daily question.  This is a product of Tami Taylor and you can find it all here:  5 Year Journal

Some questions get the same answer year after year.  One question asks where you live.  So far, I've lived in the same place all those years but what if you move around?  Wouldn't that generate a fun scrapbook page at the end of 5 years?  Other questions for me produce different answers each year and will be prompts I'm sure for scrapbooking and art journaling starting next year.

The last resolution on the "Me" activity is one I've already art journaled about and I'd like to do a separate post on it.  It is an example of a resolution that is meant to be FUN and not a chore.

Watching more YouTube grew out of watching probably too much Netflix.  I love my shows and I often learn something but I haven't been watching as many technique videos and there is always something fun to learn.

So enough about my plans for the New Year.  What are yours?

Here's the process video for this page.  The pockets could be used for any type of journaling or storing memorabilia.

Thanks for visiting today!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Favorite pages from 2015

I've picked 3 favorite layouts from 2015.  I like the look of the finished pages but I also liked something else about each one.

For Back to Eden, it was the doing a page about looking forward rather than looking back.  I made this page in the early summer.  We had yet to make our trip to Hilton Head for the year and it wasn't clear at all when we would go.  As it was we we started mid-September and had to turn around due to illness only to unpack and repack 2 weeks later and finally get there.  But get there we did. So this page was about hope.  It also used some of my favorite things in my stash.

I rarely buy theme paper but I couldn't resist this fish paper and I knew there would be a page for it.  I expected it to be my husband fishing and it ended up the perfect paper for his grandson's first fishing outing.  I got to use some cute Silhouette cuts.  More on 1st Fish.

This is a very recent one and it just turned out very pretty.  I find stickers to be challenging.  These really fit and I got to use a lot of pretty papers.  More on Mountain Day.

So this was a little trip down 2015 memory lane.  Come back Tuesday and I'll have the first layout of 2016 with a video for you!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy 2016 Art Journal Page with Gelli Minis

Happy, Happy New Year!  Oh, how we have been looking forward to 2016.

2015 could not leave us fast enough.  We had many, many trips to hospitals and doctors this year mostly for my husband and father.  I also lost 3 members of my extended family. It was a very tough year and I'm so happy to move on.

However, I did get a call from my mother about my dad at 5:45 this morning and was talking to a doctor before 8 and at the pharmacy when the opened.  So that doesn't really signify a change our routine but I'm still hopeful that 2016 will be better.

I always say that Christmas is my favorite holiday but I really think it is New Years Day. I just love recapping the old year and starting with fresh resolutions and goals.  A couple of years ago I did a series of posts on goals and resolutions. If you'd like some ideas, here are the links:

Accomplishments  - doing this will make you feel extra good about yourself.
A dream or a wish - goals and objectives

With so much time devoted to health issues for my husband and father, I really didn't think I'd done much else.  I've been pleasantly surprised as I go through my journals of the past year and find that I did actually do some things.  One of which was get to 5000 subscribers on YouTube.  That was a goal and I'm very thankful to all of you who helped me get there.  Thank you.

Today I'm hoping to work on my scrapbook page for the new year.  When I post it, I'll share more about my resolutions and objectives for 2016.

For now, I have this art journal page using the new Gelli Arts Hexagon mini plate. This was part of my gift to myself this holiday season.  I added some metallics in with the other happy paint colors.

Here's the art journal process video at YouTube:

Thanks for watching.  Have you thought about your resolutions and objectives for 2016?
Happy New Year!
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