Thursday, January 28, 2016

Off We Go

We have my dear husband here playing with the little ones on a very warm August morning.  His daughter looks on.  They are trying out everything with wheels they are allowed to operate.

For the page, I've used Simple Stories So Rad papers and a little gelli printing. In the video you will see me make a few gelli prints that aren't quite what I'm looking for.  That's one of the things about gelli printing, you never quite know what you are going to get.  It's fun though and those cast-offs from one project may work perfectly with another.

Also for this page, I've used a 2 page sketch from my new 2015 sketchbook for a one pager.  There are 9 2 page sketches in the book and many can do double duty for one page layouts as well.

Here's the process video:

Check out the sketch as part of the sketchbook available here.

Note:  In the video, I mention that BasicGrey is my favorite paper company.  I was so sad to learn last night that they are exiting the papercrafting business!  They have a couple of new lines but nothing after that.  So sad that yet another great company is leaving us.

Thanks for watching!


  1. Have to agree with you on BG. If I could only create with supplies from one company it would have been them. I think I might have scored a warehouse box though so that's at least something! Just waiting for another email from them to confirm the shipping costs (as I live in Hong Kong).
    My sketchbook is printed out and bound! Usually I do it myself but this time I took it to a copy place and it looks amazing!
    Love how you turned a double page sketch into one page.
    What is that large container that you have your papers stored in? And what kind of paper do you use when you make gelli prints?
    Very cute page!

    1. I hope you get your BG box! I didn't get a confirmation on my order but the CC was charged. The container the papers are in is a drawer from a set of Sterlite drawers They are 3 drawer units and the drawers come out. For cardstock for gelli printing, I use NeeNah Cover Exact from Office Depot or Office Max. The thinner paper is dry wax paper or deli paper.

  2. Such a fun layout!!!!
    Great papers and looks like a fun day :)


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