Monday, January 11, 2016

What's New page with a mixed media background

Since we have visited our favorite vacation spot every year for 24 years now, it is getting a tad difficult to come up with new photos and new layouts.  Still I want to capture these memories.  For 2015, this was the only vacation we had and it was short so I really wanted to do a few pages.  Last year I noticed several improvements to the area and took some photos and continued that tradition this year as well.  The park we biked to is likely not that new but it was to us.  Little improvements in bike paths and beach access make our paradise even more perfect.

So for our trip around the island, I needed a background paper.  It is nearly impossible to find scrapbook paper for nature photos.  Usually I do woodgrains.  For this page, I used some ideas from an art journal video and added a bit of stenciling.  The embellishments were cut on the Silhouette.

I also used the Silhouette for the curved title.  These ideas and many more on titles are in my Silhouette Titles and Text class.  The self-paced class includes 9 layouts in 3 1/2 hours of video content.  See the description here.

Here's the process video for this page:

And here is the sketch:

Thanks for visiting today!

1 comment:

  1. This is great - I like how you made your own background!
    I also really love that idea of documenting what's new in your favourite holiday spot. Loved seeing all your MME brads - they're very addictive!!!


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