Thursday, November 22, 2018

Thankful for You booklet

Happy Thanksgiving!

Several weeks ago I wrote my mother a letter to say some of the things I always wanted her to know that I felt about her.  I even made some discoveries as I was writing.

This was prompted because I didn't say everything I wanted to to my father before he died.  As far as I know, Mother and I are both in good health.  I didn't want to wait until one of us wasn't or something happened and I missed my chance.  I was going to say these things out loud to her and someone suggested I put it in writing instead.  I think that was wise as she has something she can read again if she wants.  If her memory fails her, she will always have the words written down.  None of us remember that much of what we hear anyway.

The video shares a bit of this idea and the process I used for making this card which is sort of a booklet. It is only 2 pages inside front and back but you can pack in a lot of text in those two pages.  You can use this idea for anything you want to capture and share.

Here is the video in YouTube:

Thanks for watching! I'm very thankful for my viewers and all the wonderful feedback received.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Young at Heart

My husband will always be young because he is young at heart.

He had fun running through the fountain on his birthday last summer.  I know he picked this location because he knew Mother would enjoy an outing to a garden. What a sweet man!

For the layout, I used plain cardstock for the background and punched some elements from bright papers.  I wasn't sure about these at first but they worked.  I think the title here is a key element to set the mood.  The page really didn't need a lot of journaling.

Here's the process video:

Thanks for watching!

ETA photo of new refrigerator to post on a message board.  There is a story behind this and it will surely make a scrapbook page some day...

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Quilting Update: Hourglass Quilt pieced, Baby Quilt finished

This quilt was completed for the Linus project.  This organization pairs quilts with children in need of security.  Just as Linus had his security blanket, a handmade quilt or blanket gives comfort to a child.

I shopped my stash first and then added a few other fabrics for the pink and lavender color scheme.  The pattern is a combination of a couple of designs I saw in Crafty classes. It is a simple 4 patch design of 6 1/2" squares joined together with friendship stars in the sashing.  I got to practice several free motion quilting designs while quilting.  I quilted this one as one large piece.

For the next quilt, I'm dividing it up and that is part of what the video is about. The Hourglass quilt made from some fabrics from Northcott's Chloe collection and many others that I've found will be a large bed quilt for us.  I love the red, yellow and teal color scheme.

I filmed this the weekend that Hurricane Florence made its way across the Carolinas.  I left that part in the video even though I'm just now getting it posted. After Florence cleared and we knew we had no problems, we left on a trip so I'm just getting home and caught up.  I've never done so much advance prep for a storm.  I did so much that I really didn't end up cooking much the actual weekend of the storm.  I think my Dh got a little tired of eating my 'storm food' even though much of it was home baking I'd done in advance.  We were fortunate to only get 5 inches of rain, a little wind and not lose power.  Many of use still remember Hugo (1989) for which we were not prepared and had a 5 day power outage here 260 miles inland.

Anyway, here's the video:  (baby quilt at 12 minutes 44 seconds in.)

Since I filmed this, I've started the actual quilting. The results are mixed and I try to remember I'm still learning to machine quilt.

Thanks for watching!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Knitting Update on Projects and Setting Dye

Have you ever bought a yarn or fabric only to be heartbroken when you washed it and the color runs?  I found something that works for me - Rit Dye Fixative which I bought at Michaels. I can't guarantee it will work in all situations but I've tried it with several quilt fabrics and recently with a sweater made from yarn that bleeds.  I'm very pleased with the results.  This product and how it works are in the last part of the video below.

I did not get into many details about how I constructed the completed light blue/green sweater (shown at right) in the video.  I did not use a pattern for this.  While I have many patterns added to my favorites on Ravelry, increasingly I find it more enjoyable to just work up my own sweaters using a stitch pattern from one of the Treasury of Knitting Pattern books and figure out the fit as I go using my own measurements and working off of a favorite sweater or top.

To create the blue/green sweater, I worked a swatch for the gauge and then calculated how many stitches I would need for the bottom edge based on my measurements.  As I explain in the video, I made a simple math error and did this wrong the first go round but after restarting I got a good fit.  I knitted the pattern for a few inches and switched to all stockinette.  I also mentioned in the video how I left some stockinette all the way up to work decreases to the waist and then a little increasing up to the bust line.  I learned about this in the Sweater Modifications for a Custom Fit class on This is an excellent class to help with fitting.  I use some of these concepts now but I do not use her pattern.  I also tend to remeasure a lot.

When I get to the armholes, I follow another sweater or top that fits the way I want the one I'm making to fit.  I just measure how much I need to decrease and work out how many stitches to bind off at the beginning of rows and for how long to get my desired fit.  For example, if I have a gauge of 6 stiches per inch and I need to lose 1 inch over the next 4 rows, I would bind off 3 stitches at the beginning of every other row.  I added a little more pattern stitch to the top of this sweater as I felt it would be a bit plain otherwise. (And I get bored with stockinette.)

For the neckline on this sweater, I had a Talbots blouse that had a rolled collar and a keyhole back and it was my inspiration.  To get the rolled effect, I picked up stitches around the neck working in a 2x2 rib for about an inch and then did all stockinette for a few more rows which naturally rolls after binding off.

This is a simplified version of what I do.  I like playing with different stitch patterns and I don't mind doing fitting for myself in knitting.  Knitting has far more give than sewing does which to me is far harder to get a good fit.

I'm doing this same idea with the vest using a zip front vest in my wardrobe as the model.  I've never put a zipper in my knitted garments so that will be a new adventure.  I love making things that I know I will wear.  So far I've worn all my knitted sweaters several times each.

Here's the video of my projects for the last couple of months:

Thanks for watching!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

2 pager with Stenciling

I'm back with a two pager and process video.  I FINALLY got some photos printed. The first part of the video shares some of those and selecting which photos to jump back into scrapbooking on my first layout in several weeks.

For this two pager, I used kraft cardstock, stenciling and some wood veneer to fit the mood and keep it simple.  Here is the process video:

Soon, I'll have an update on some of my other crafts as well. 

As a reminder, if you have purchased a class in the past, please watch any videos from the classes you would like before October 1.  As announced earlier this year, all classes will go away at that time. This does not affect sketchbooks. All of my other process videos will still be available.

Thanks for watching!

Friday, August 3, 2018

Art Journal Page and Clearing out Mists

I can't believe how long it has been since I played with my art journal.  It started because I wanted to move my mist collection.  I'm not using the mists that often anymore so they really don't need to be on display.  To move them to a basket inside a cabinet I needed to reduce the collection by at least 10 bottles.

The art journal page is where I used some of them one last time and also played with a few mists that I haven't used in a long time.  See both the sorting and the process for this page in the video.  In the video, I use some bookpapers.  You can find bookpaper and music paper collections at my Etsy shop:  Lovely Layers Art

The video is here:

Thanks for visiting today!

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Traditional Quilt in Progress

Quilting has been a craft I've picked up from time to time, making a couple of projects and then putting it aside for something else.  Most of my projects in the last 20 years have been less traditional.  I've done watercolor quilts where you take 2" squares and arrange them by value to create a design.  I've done other modern things of that type.  I did make a string quilt for our bed a few years ago but that doesn't really take a pattern.

I was finally in the mood to go back to more traditional quilting. I wanted to make something with half square triangles but I did not want stars.  Turns out such a block is a bit tough to find.  I settled on this block from Generations Quilt Patterns called the Hourglass block.  There are many other free quilt block patterns on this site.

I wanted mine to finish at 12" square and I wanted to use some quick cutting/piecing methods.  Here are a couple of those I found that I liked.

No Waste Flying Geese (this is the site I consulted though there are others)

Making 4 Half Square Triangles at once  These may finish at odd sizes and need to be cut down. 

The main fabric I used is from Northcott, the Chloe collection. 

This video shares how I selected my fabric and how the quilt is coming along.  Also it shows the No Waste Flying Geese technique starting about 12 minutes in.

I'm alternating working on this quilt along with the baby quilt and other projects as I have time.  I enjoy having several things going so I don't get bored working on one thing all the time.  Also if I get to a tough spot on a project and just have a few minutes, I can jump over to something easy on another project.

The next video will be back to papercrafting as I try to pare down my mists and do an art journal page.  Thanks for watching!

Friday, July 20, 2018

4 card designs, one stamp set

To create all of these cards, I started with Stampin' Up!'s Blooms and Wishes which contains several small floral designs, leaves and a few greetings.  This set is discontinued; however, any set with floral or other small designs would work.  I used a few other stamps for greetings and one background stamp - the wood grain.

Here is the process video for creating these cards:

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