Friday, April 12, 2019

Quick page using a Gelli Print, Supplies from stash

It's getting warmer here in N.C.  Fingers crossed, we have covered the plum tree for the last time to protect it from late frosts.  With warmer weather comes the opportunity to visit our NC Mountains for days out.  That is still a month or more away as their season hasn't started yet.  For this page, I remembered a trip last summer where I spent a lovely day by myself walking, reading, shopping and enjoying the cool mountain air.

One of the background papers is from a gelli print video I did awhile back. I said in the video that it is linked with the little "i" symbol in the right corner. Apparently YouTube has done away with that feature, too so it is linked in the description.

This page full of typed journaling came together quickly in this video:

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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Art in Bloom and Card

We love flowers.  The NC Museum of Art in Raleigh has a special exhibition in the spring of floral arrangements.  Each floral designer takes inspiration from a piece of art and interprets the piece through their floral design.  Some were small table top arrangements, others large floor to ceiling depictions.  Here are just a couple of photos.  More on my Instagram feet @lisaecherd

A depiction in white flowers of the marble statue in the background.

One of the more stunning displays evokes the theme of the painting 'Eruption of Mount Vesuvius' 

I used this concept in creating a card for my Mother's birthday.  We had attended the exhibition as part of an outing to celebrate her.  The print on my card is downloaded from the National Gallery of Art's open source collection.  It is called Young Girl Reading by Jean Honore Fragonard.  I took my colors and arrangement for the Silhouette cut flowers from the painting.  I die cut most of the flowers out of cardstock or 6x6 papers and added a little Distress Oxide ink for shading.  The sheer fabric on the bottom is to pick up the rouched collar the girl is wearing. The entire card is mounted on a dark green cardstock like the background of the painting.

This was fun to do.  My mother is an avid gardener and she can create beautiful floral arrangements and interesting combinations in the pots in her gardens.  She enjoyed the exhibit very much.  If Raleigh were closer we would go every year.

When I can narrow down my choices, I'll print some of the photos and do a layout. We have several good photos of mother from that day.

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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Combining two different color schemes

My Mother and I are very different in many ways.  One is color. She likes neutrals and does amazing things with her neutral wardrobe.  For me it is all about color.

This photo exemplifies that.  I also talk about our similarities and differences in the hidden journaling.

To marry the two color schemes, I used some watercolors on the background and added a variety of embellishments.  The background starts with a layer of gel paste to get a relief effect.

Hope you enjoy the video:

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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Winter Poncho - just in time for Spring

I've been joking with my knitting group that I would finish this poncho just in time for warm weather.  If I hadn't knitted about 4 hours on Saturday and 2 more hours on Sunday to get it blocked so I could wear it this week, I might have missed the cold weather.  I've worn it twice already and I really love the warmth and the design.

This is not only the first poncho I've ever made but the first one I've owned.  Never thought I would like one but I do and it won't be my last.

The pattern is Camybe which you can find here on  I almost always alter patterns sometimes a lot but this time the only change I made was to substitute a simpler cable for the two side ones in the main design.  I wanted something I didn't have to constantly look at the chart for and I got it.  Once I got one repeat, I hardly looked at the pattern again.  It is just one big rectangle, folded in half and sewn up the shoulder.  I like how she designed the cabling so that the shoulder looks like one cable when it is two come together.

Used Berroco Vintage yarn in color Aubergine.

So now that spring is right around the corner, I'm staring a 3/4 length sleeve sweater which will probably be done in late May.  You guessed it, when it is too hot here to wear it!

Close up of shoulder.  Two different cable edges sewn together in the middle.

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Friday, March 1, 2019

Mixed Media Layout for larger photo

This page was inspired by an art journal page.  I had not done any art journaling for over 6 months.  One day I just took a notion to play and created a page using paint, deli paper and mists that I liked.  So I used those same techniques on this layout just in different colors.

Most of my pages tell a story. This one is meant to convey a feeling.

Also on the page is some stitching using the free motion quilting foot on my sewing machine. I've been working on a quilt so I gave it a try on paper.  I only changed out the needle to an older one I didn't care to dull.  Paper dulls needles just as it does scissors.

It was a fun page to do and I love the effects with pearl paint, mists and the crinkled paper.  Here's the video:

So looking forward to when I can walk on this beach again.  Thanks for visiting with me today!

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Using bold paper with photos

I love doing pages with children's photos. I get to use bright colors and fun embellishments.

For these three photos I have used a bright collection called Go Now Go from Shimelle Lane For American Crafts.  Using my old Creative Memories circle cutters I trimmed down one of the photos to allow a little more space for embellishments and journaling.  One of the journaling cards created a space for the title.

Here is the video:

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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Gelli Printing with 3x5 Plate

When I first got into gelli printing, a fellow crafter told me her favorite size plate was the 3x5.  This didn't make sense to me, why use a small plate when you could cover so much more ground with a large one.  After I bought the smaller size I got it. It's really versatile and I love the prints I get whether I'm doing something small or large.

I just had a notion to play the other day with little in mind of what to do with the prints.  After a few prints, I remembered that I needed some purple paper for an upcoming page.  Purple is a difficult color to find in scrapbooking but I had plenty of paint so I just made my own.

Here's the video

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Monday, January 28, 2019

What's in a name?

How did you get your name?

My mother swears she named me after the Mona Lisa.  I did not believe her because Lisa was such a popular name in the 1960's.  There were always other Lisa's in my class at school.  In one of my high school classes, 5 of us were named Lisa.  The Mona Lisa had been around for centuries.  Why would it suddenly be a popular name?

Mother says that she was doing dishes one night and Daddy had the news on.  She heard on the news that the Mona Lisa would be coming to NY for a showing. She decided then if she ever had a daughter, she would name her Lisa.  The Mona Lisa did come to NY for a showing a couple of years before I made my showing.   I just didn't know that for several years. The reason I doubted her is that there was a popular soap opera character on As The World Turns named Lisa. She was played by NC native, Eileen Fulton.  I thought she must have named me after that Lisa or because it was so popular.

I'm sorry I doubted her.  She and my father did get to see the Mona Lisa in Paris in the late 1970's. She probably didn't expect that to happen when she was washing her dishes in her kitchen in NC in 1962.

My page about this starts with a present day photo.  Here's the process video for the page.

Thanks for visiting and for all the positive feedback on my videos.
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