Thursday, February 23, 2017

Knitting again

In my teens and twenties, I was seldom far from a skein of yarn. I learned to crochet at age 11.  Later on a wonderful woman in my life taught me how to knit. I worked with regular worsted yarns and even crocheted doilies with that very fine mercerized crochet cotton.  I made afghans, sweaters, toys, toboggans, wall hangings, and pillows.  Most of my gifts were handmade.  I even knitted a Christening dress.

In my 30's I had some issues with my right hand and elbow.  I had taken up quilting and discovered I could not hand quilt anymore.  I tried crocheting and it was very painful so I thought my yarn days were over.  A couple of years ago I gave knitting a try again because the movements are different.  It worked but I still didn't take on any real projects.  Last fall I bought a skein of pretty yarn just to see if I could knit and if I still liked it.  I really thought my stitches weren't that even but was surprised to find a more even stitch than I expected, not as good as my crocheting, but not bad.  I soon completed a vest and just couldn't stop.

This layout is about the projects I completed over about 3 months.  I've just embarked on a tunic length sweater in a finer yarn.

For the layout, I used one of last year's sketches and also knitted some embellishment for the page from the same yarns as the projects.  Here's the video

Have you scrapped about your other hobbies?
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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Fun Gelli Background

For this layout, I used my gelli plate and laminating film to create the background.  The circles are cut with my Creative Memories circle cutting system.  I tried punches but the circle cutters worked better.  I wanted a semi-transparent look to go with the balloons in the photos.  Touches of silver finish off the page.

Here's the process video:

The sketchbook mentioned in the video has been released. Click here for more information.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

2016 book of Scrapbook Sketches is HERE!

All through 2016, I created layouts with videos and sketches for many of those layouts.  Now I have all the sketches compiled in the 2016 sketchbook.  There are 47 scrapbook sketches for both one and two page layouts!  Many of these sketches were not created at the time of the video so you can only find them in this PDF.

The sketchbook is a wonderful reference and jumping off point for your scrapbooking and it is only $8 US for the downloadable PDF.

Here's a preview of the book:

For more information and to purchase, click here.

Thanks so much for supporting my work in the scrapbooking industry!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Eyes to the left

When you first saw this layout, what did you notice?  Was it the title, the leaves or something else.  I'm hoping it was something on the right side of the page.

In our culture, we read left to right.  Sometimes though I want to people to look at my photos from right to left to see the view the way I saw it.  That is the case with these photos of the entrance to the Biltmore Estate.

There are two photos put together in a panorama for this layout.  I'm trying to draw the eye first to the far right side of the page with the hope that you will then follow the photo of the road around to the left to see it as I saw it when the photos were taken.

Here's the process video for this page:

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Monday, January 30, 2017

Standing Valentine Card

I don't do a lot of fancy fold cards.  This idea just came to me one evening.  What if I put punched pieces in between layers of acetate and created a window.  Then I decided it would be cool if I could make the window stand up on its own.  After a few different tries, I created this card which I'll give to my hubby for Valentine's Day.

This is no a shaker card, the hearts just hang there between the clear acetate.  I used old transparency film.

I think the concept would work really well for small punched snowflakes.  I might do some of these for Christmas next year.  We've had one snow.  I can't say we won't have more bad weather but the days are getting longer, the grass is greening up so most people are at least looking toward spring.

Here's the video for the card.

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Fancy Pants box

I'm finding warehouse boxes a lot of fun to purchase.  The anticipation of getting them is more fun that a regular scrapbook order.  This surprises me as I'm not a person for surprises.  I like to know what is coming and I seldom do in any other aspect of my life.

But for some reason I'm enjoying these boxes.  I like getting so much stuff for a good price.  I like getting some things I might normally not purchase. This is my 4th in a year.  Fancy Pants offered a box last week and I got in on it very near the end I think. The box arrived promptly.  I love all my paper and some of the embellishments.  Actually I liked almost all the embellishments but I know I just won't use the holiday ones so I'm selling those on my etsy shop at: LovelyLayersArt.

Here's a video of what I got:

Have you tried ordering a warehouse box?

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Monday, January 23, 2017

12 part grid page

For all of these small photos, I have a 12 part grid page.  You could rotate this sketch and have 3 columns and 4 rows.  The sketch will be included in the 2016 Sketchbook available in a few weeks.

We love to dine out on Hilton Head island. There are so many independent restaurants. We have favorites and try out a couple of new places each trip.  We don't dine out much at home so this is a special treat.

The journaling is near the bottom of the page in a little foldover tied with twine.  Here's the process video:

And the sketch:

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Monday, January 16, 2017

58th Anniversary

Imagine sharing your life with someone for 58 years!  We celebrated my parents anniversary with them a few months ago.  I had a Biltmore House pass for a year and one of the benefits was to take people to one of their restaurants on Sunday without the other guests having to have a pass onto the estate.  It was a nice treat since my dad in particular likes buffets.  We also went to one of our favorite galleries in the Asheville area.

Here's the video for the two pager that includes creating a border from a background on the Silhouette:

And here is the sketch:

Thanks for watching!
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