Monday, January 23, 2017

12 part grid page

For all of these small photos, I have a 12 part grid page.  You could rotate this sketch and have 3 columns and 4 rows.  The sketch will be included in the 2016 Sketchbook available in a few weeks.

We love to dine out on Hilton Head island. There are so many independent restaurants. We have favorites and try out a couple of new places each trip.  We don't dine out much at home so this is a special treat.

The journaling is near the bottom of the page in a little foldover tied with twine.  Here's the process video:

And the sketch:

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Monday, January 16, 2017

58th Anniversary

Imagine sharing your life with someone for 58 years!  We celebrated my parents anniversary with them a few months ago.  I had a Biltmore House pass for a year and one of the benefits was to take people to one of their restaurants on Sunday without the other guests having to have a pass onto the estate.  It was a nice treat since my dad in particular likes buffets.  We also went to one of our favorite galleries in the Asheville area.

Here's the video for the two pager that includes creating a border from a background on the Silhouette:

And here is the sketch:

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Monday, January 9, 2017

My Little Ford Pinto

I learned to drive on a 1977 Ford LTD which was a big boat of a car that really only Mother could drive.  She drove it to town on Friday's to get her hair done and to get groceries.  We drove it to church on Sunday. When you drive a car that infrequently, it doesn't tend to run well.  Mother was the only one who could manage it which irritated my father no end and frustrated me greatly as I was learning to drive.

Fortunately, just a few weeks before I got my license, my parents bought a small car for me to drive during high school and college.  It wasn't the cutest or coolest thing on the road but it meant freedom and opportunity to me.

I unearthed these photos during my Mother's recent kitchen remodel.  It has been a hectic year end and new year to say the least.  Videos may be a bit sparse this month as we are still getting my father on his feet after a long hospital stay.  You never want to be in the hospital over Christmas not just because it isn't festive but because you can't get anything done!  The doctors and nurses on the floor were great.  However, non emergent procedures got put off until the rest of the staff came back to work.

I have a couple more sketches to do to actually complete the number I want to have for 2016 so the 2016 sketchbook will be coming along but probably not for a few more weeks.  Stay tuned...

In the meantime, here is a video for you and be sure to check out my classes at



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Saturday, January 7, 2017

First snow of the year!

We got a lot more snow than expected this weekend.  All the local stations projected it to go south of us.  The doom and gloom channel a.k.a. The Weather Channel had it right this time as yesterday they increased their forecast for us to 4 to 7 inches.  I haven't measured on the ground but probably in the 4 inch range and still snowing.

Hope you are warm and dry wherever you are!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Layout and Sale!!!

Did you get a Silhouette cutter for Christmas?  Are you resolving to use your Silhouette more in 2017?

Let's send 2016 packing and welcome 2017 with a special sale!

The Silhouette Titles class is on sale this weekend for only $12.  I've never marked a class down that much.  It's just over $1 per lesson.

Learn how to do simple but effective titles like the one on this layout in the 10 lessons from that class.  The class shows simple, quick tricks and more complex features of creating titles and text with your Silhouette.

Visit my class page for more information.

Here's today's layout with an interactive element.

I shared some observations on the effect Hurricane Matthew had on Hilton Head Island in an earlier post.  This is my layout with a flip back feature that hold quite a few things I printed out about the hurricane.  This gives me a reference of how the evacuation and cleanup were handled. Hopefully no one will ever have to go through this again but I wanted to be able to have some info for future reference just in case.

The page uses several small photos.  The sketch provides for 4 4x6 photos.

Here's the process video:

And here is the sketch:

Don't forget, the reduced price on the Silhouette Titles class ends Monday at 10 pm. ET.
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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

80th Birthday

Well, it's about time I got this page done.  My Dad is well past the 80th birthday.  I printed the photos and thought I'd made a cropping mistake and never would remember to reprint. Which one of us is getting older?  Anyway, when I finally pulled the photos back up, I realize this was just how they were taken.

These 4 photos stagger down the page in the order taken.  I used Basic Grey's Urban Luxe because of the bright blue color.  I like the page all but the sequins.  Normally when I do sequins they enhance the look.  In this case though, they seem distracting.  I'm not sure if it is the color contrast or that I already have a lot on the page.  What do you think?

Here's the process video:

And the sketch:

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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Interactive Page for 4 Photos

Another beach page here with some similar ideas as the last one but a very different look.  I'm going for a soft sunrise, early morning walk on the beach.  This one also has room for 4 photos though I've used only 3.  Two show and the other area is hidden.

I originally planned to use more paper but did several stickers instead.

Process video here:

Here's the sketch:

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Happy Halloween

No, I haven't been knocked out for two months and forgotten the season. These photos were taken on Halloween at the beach. Best Halloween ever!

The four photos are on a stenciled background embellished with lots of chipboard.  A few hearts and washi tape tie it all together. The stencil is from Crafter's Workshop.

Process video here:

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