Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Completed Poncho and new projects

It's finished!  The poncho I started in late March is complete.  It is made with Noro Geshi yarn which is a very light worsted and easy to work up.

In the video I share the poncho, a new knitting project I'm beginning and a quilt in progress.

For the new knitting project, I went through pattern after pattern trying to decide what to make. Short sleeve sweaters, vests even shawls which I don't really like to make or to wear.  I landed on a shrug.  I have a little yarn left from the poncho that I can use if there isn't enough for the project.

See it all in this video:

Thanks for watching!

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Sympathy Cards

I've been really good at anticipating shortages.  Paper products, cleaning products, hair color, meat.  One I never thought of though is the saddest - sympathy cards.  We can't gather for funerals so people are sending cards more than before.  If you need some cards or want to make some to share with others, I've put together some ideas using your existing stamp supplies for quick, easy cards.

All 4 cards are in this video.  It shows on the screen early in the video where each card appears so you can jump ahead if there is a particular one you like.

I hope you are safe and well.  Thanks for watching!

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

New Stamp Set and Gelli Backgrounds

I'm doing my videos a little out of order. Last week I did a bunch of gelli printing.  A video will be coming on that in the next few weeks. First though I wanted to share what I did with one of the background.  I was mostly just going for some color and to use a new stamp set and punch.

The video shows making two cards with this set.

Thanks for watching today!

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Friends and Memories

(photo from 2019)

Have you had an annual celebration during a stay-at-home order?  It can be different. 

This year I celebrated my birthday at home.  I had several little treats to enjoy during what we like to call 'the week of birthday.' It was a good week. I'll have more on that later as I took photos and want to share those on a future scrapbook page.

Last year I got to go out and do fun things away from the house on my birthday.  One of my favorite things last year was reuniting with two friends who I have been seeing individually for the last few years. One friend had to move away for work several years ago.  We kept in touch, talking almost weekly and visiting often.  I continued to have annual birthday lunches with the other friend.  Last year though we were all together again!  I had always lamented not taking a photo of the 3 of us when we used to have those birthday dinners. This time I didn't forget and we took this photo in the layout above for my birthday.

I've used a die cut background done on the Silhouette and added papers from my 6x6 papers pads to the squares in this design.  Here is the process Video

Be sure to take some photos from this time in our lives.   If you are staying at home and only venturing out to shop, there are likely many changes to adapt to.  If you have to work in this scary time, I thank you for keeping us all safe, healthy, and fed.  Take photos and scrap them.  While I think we are going to be adjusting to a different lifestyle for quite awhile; hopefully this will all be a memory one day.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Face Masks and a Completed Sweater

Busy, busy.  You should see my craft room!  You can see a corner of it in these videos but you can't see all the fabric and work in progress on other tables.  You can't see the papercrafting stuff awaiting me on that work table.  I've been sewing masks and knitting when I have a chance.

This video shares what style of cloth masks I'm making and why.  I also share what type of fabrics I'm using and how I prepare them.  There are a couple of tips for making the ties - "bias" strips which aren't really bias cut.  It's long but I hope it will be helpful if you are wondering what masks to make.  I'm not authority at all. These are my choices based on what I've seen and read.  Links to the instructions for the masks are included in the video description.

In this second video, I share a completed sweater shown above and the progress I've made on my Noro poncho.  My last video introduced these projects.

Thanks for watching and I hope you are getting some crafting time if you are at home more.  Take care of yourself.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Knitting Projects

While I'm still sewing, I've moved onto masks.  I'm not doing much papercrafting now but am still knitting so I thought I'd share some of those projects in this video:

The sweater is almost done and hopefully I can share it next time.  I'm anxious to start on the poncho after I proofread my notes and doublecheck my numbers so am sure that I have the correct number of stockinette stitches.  It's always fun it finish and start something new.

Hope you are finding fun things to do while home more.  I keep thinking I'll get even more done but with spring now here, I really need to be outside.  I even washed some windows last week!  As much as I hate housework, that was probably the most significant acomplishment.

Take care and thanks for watching!

Friday, March 20, 2020

New VLOG videos

Continuing my video log series of projects that are currently ongoing, I have two videos.  The first is a Stampin' Up! shopping video.  The class I attended was one of the last social things I got to do before we all started staying home more. 

Love the stamp sets but I'm not sure about the punch.  Hopefully, I'll get the hang of it.

The other video is a continuation of the string quilt as I lay out the blocks.

Today, I've spent quite a bit of time researching cloth face masks which are becoming needed as the N95 masks our healthcare worker should have are in short supply. There are many videos about these on-line.  I don't know what is the best version. I have ordered white elastic and picked some fabrics to work with when the elastic arrives. I'll probably try a couple of styles before making some of the masks. 

Thanks for visiting today.  Hope everyone is staying safe.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Crafting at Home

Are you bored?  If you are a crafter, it usually takes a lot longer to reach boredom and cabin fever.  I have plenty of paper, fabric and yarn to keep me busy for months.  I certainly hope I don't have to stay in that long of course but I can keep busy for quite a while. I'll be doing more cooking and baking (if I can find flour which I forgot to add to my stash). 

First up is a UFO - Unfinished Fabric Object - from 3 years ago.  I share the story and the project in this video.

Look for videos every day or two on what things I'm working on.  I always have multiple projects going - some knitting, papercraft and sewing. 

Let me know what you are doing and if you are sharing your work on social media.  I'd love to see your projects as well.
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