Sunday, February 17, 2019

Using bold paper with photos

I love doing pages with children's photos. I get to use bright colors and fun embellishments.

For these three photos I have used a bright collection called Go Now Go from Shimelle Lane For American Crafts.  Using my old Creative Memories circle cutters I trimmed down one of the photos to allow a little more space for embellishments and journaling.  One of the journaling cards created a space for the title.

Here is the video:

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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Gelli Printing with 3x5 Plate

When I first got into gelli printing, a fellow crafter told me her favorite size plate was the 3x5.  This didn't make sense to me, why use a small plate when you could cover so much more ground with a large one.  After I bought the smaller size I got it. It's really versatile and I love the prints I get whether I'm doing something small or large.

I just had a notion to play the other day with little in mind of what to do with the prints.  After a few prints, I remembered that I needed some purple paper for an upcoming page.  Purple is a difficult color to find in scrapbooking but I had plenty of paint so I just made my own.

Here's the video

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Monday, January 28, 2019

What's in a name?

How did you get your name?

My mother swears she named me after the Mona Lisa.  I did not believe her because Lisa was such a popular name in the 1960's.  There were always other Lisa's in my class at school.  In one of my high school classes, 5 of us were named Lisa.  The Mona Lisa had been around for centuries.  Why would it suddenly be a popular name?

Mother says that she was doing dishes one night and Daddy had the news on.  She heard on the news that the Mona Lisa would be coming to NY for a showing. She decided then if she ever had a daughter, she would name her Lisa.  The Mona Lisa did come to NY for a showing a couple of years before I made my showing.   I just didn't know that for several years. The reason I doubted her is that there was a popular soap opera character on As The World Turns named Lisa. She was played by NC native, Eileen Fulton.  I thought she must have named me after that Lisa or because it was so popular.

I'm sorry I doubted her.  She and my father did get to see the Mona Lisa in Paris in the late 1970's. She probably didn't expect that to happen when she was washing her dishes in her kitchen in NC in 1962.

My page about this starts with a present day photo.  Here's the process video for the page.

Thanks for visiting and for all the positive feedback on my videos.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Using Photos as Embellishments

We try to find things that the three of us can do together.  Gardens and shopping are favorite outings.  This one was in Hendersonville, NC.  The gardens outside of town specialize in dahlias.  Mother grew some dahlias herself last summer until the voles got ahold of them so she particularly enjoyed seeing the ones there.  They also gave her tips to avoid having her dahlias munched on by garden invaders.  She is supposed to plant her dahlias in black nursery pots that have holes in the bottom and put the entire thing in the ground.  The roots will grow out through the holes but the voles can't get to the main part of the plant that way.

For this layout, I used a circle punch to punch photos of flowers into embellishments.  I often take photos of the flowers and plants in gardens we visit. This is a way to incorporate them on the page without taking up too much space.

Here is the process video:

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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Fall Knitting Projects

During the fall, I compelted 3 knitting projects.  My favorite is the zip front sweater made from Malabrigo Rios in color Liquidamber.

I'm also getting a lot of wear out of my red/pink scarf made with one of my favorite yarns La Jolla by Baah.  This is the third project I've made with this yummy yarn.  This time the color was a monthly special from September 2018.   The pattern is the Best Friend scarf from the knitting buzz and I used an edging I found on Ravelry.

My last project of the year was the Moab Shawl using Hedgehog yarn in Beach Bunny.  I also threw in some black fingerling, a little of the La Jolla September and some orange I had in my stash.  It is striking but I'm still not sure I like it.  For both of the scarfs, I added beads thanks to this Craftsy class:  Knitting with Beads  

I share many more details as well as challenges I had with these projects in this video:

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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Year, New Layout, New Video

Happy New Year!  It's time to do my favorite scrapbook page of the year.  For this layout I use a selfie, lots of journaling that needs a little creative hiding and a paper collection chosen simply because it is pretty.

For this layout, I've used some old Basic Grey with lots of the stickers.  I also added a few 6x6 paper scraps.  The video shares the folding technique to get a lot of journaling about my accomplishments from 2019 and my plans for the new year on one page.  Also in the video are links with a little 'i' in the corner to some of my past pages with hidden journaling.


My resolution this year has to do with one of my least favorite things in the world - housework.  Ugh!  But I have to admit that I really like it when the house is clean - well, cleaner - so I want to get more done each week.  I find resolutions work best when it is something specific you do for a little bit each day.

Have you made a resolution for 2019?

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Pillows, 67 years in the making

In the last year both my godparents, my father's brother and his wife, passed away.  He was the last of my parents siblings.  After my cousin cleaned out the house and distributed what was to go to the children and grandchildren, she generously let each of the nieces go through and select something for ourselves.  I chose a cake plate and an embroidered dresser cloth.  My cousin told me that my aunt had done the embroidery on this cloth when my uncle was serving in Korea during the war.  They were newlyweds and she wanted to make some things for their housekeeping when he returned.  She was training to be a nurse while he was away.

The cloth had embroidered flower basket designs on each end that were in good condition.  However the rest was in terrible shape. There were large holes, small holes, brown spots. I soaked the cloth in Oxyclean for several hours and got most of the staining out.  I was amazed that the embroidered areas were unharmed save for a tiny shadow and one tiny hole.

The embroidery was a youthful design so I thought they should go to some of the younger girls in the family.  I cut them up, added quilt fabrics in a log cabin design and turned them into pillows. The purple pom pom fringe finished the outside.  On the back, I was able to use the only other salvageable thing from the cloths, the lace, on the zipper plackets.  I embroidered my aunt's and my initials on the back as well.

This week I was able to give the pillows to their new, young owners so they can have a little piece of their great grandmother for themselves as their time with her was too short. She lived across the road from my parents and was part of my life for over 50 years.  My mother only recently told me that my aunt was in the delivery room with her when I was born.  That must have been comforting for mother because back then, dads didn't go in with the mother. So typically a new mom would have no one she knew well there with her during delivery.

My aunt was someone you could always talk to and seek advice.  She paid attention to our lives and was a joy to visit.  She and my uncle even sweated (literally) through a 3 hour graduation ceremony in a gymnasium when I finished college.  I loved them both and I miss them.  Working on the pillows was a gift to me as well.

Soon I'll have a new scrapbook process video for you to kick off the new year.  Be safe as you travel and celebrate the arrival of 2019.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Mixed Media for a Decorative Box

My favorite holiday event is an annual party at my local knitting shop. I love the company most of all. We have good food, door prizes and a fun gift exchange.  With the exchange, you keep the gift you get, none of the time consuming swapping.  Everyone brings a small dollar value gift.  Many people do gift certificates to the shop wrapped cleverly or included with something handmade.

I wanted to do nested boxes.  Unfortunately, Hobby Lobby seems to have stopped selling the ones in the mixed media supplies. I found a box at Home Goods that I liked and decorated that.  Then inside I put my gift which was some gold $1 coins in a little bag; I thought they would add weight and tinkle a little as gifts were passed around.  So the recipient had to take the paper off the outside, open the box and then open the little bag.  She seemed to really like it.  I chose neutral colors because I didn't know who would get my gift.  There are several ladies like me who love the blues and greens but I couldn't be sure one of them would get the gift.  The recipient said she had just redecorated a room that this would be perfect in.

Here is the video for how to decorate a plain box:

I won a door prize - yarn to make a cowl and it is in green, my favorite color!  Such a fun event. Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!
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