Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Mixed Media Mini Album Complete!

Here are the last 2 of the 4 videos on my gardening themed mixed media mini album.

I wrote out the journaling before starting the album.  When I do that I usually have more journaling and in the case of these small pages, I have to figure out how to conceal some of it. This video shares 3 ways to hide journaling.  Also it covers the embellishments and the cover.

In the last video, I share the completed album and what technique was used on each page.  Did you notice that there is no designer paper in this album at all?  I'm not sure I've ever created a project that didn't have at least a little designer paper.  

Thanks for watching!

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Mixed Media Mini Album - Organizing and Backgrounds


I seldom make mini albums.  Mostly I prefer to work with the 12x12 scrapbook format.  I have used them successfully to capture a particular event or a life history for someone else.  I've never made a mini for myself other than a small one just for motivational quotes.

I'm choosing a mini now to scrapbook my success last year in gardening around our home.  We have always had some flowers and plantings.  Some years I'm more industrious than others.  Most years though I lose interest in the heat of the summer and let the weeds take over.  I can't say that in 2022 I didn't have some weedy areas but overall it was much better and the areas I really focused on looked good well into fall. 

These photos also tell a little of my Mother's story in that many of the items I put in my garden came from her house.  I didn't have time to take many cuttings from her plants.  There was just too much to do getting the house ready to sell and keeping up the landscaping there.   I did save a lot of her garden ornaments and furniture for myself and I've used some of these items around my house.

My mother and my grandmother were talented gardeners.  My thumb isn't quite so green but I'm learning and enjoying the results.

A mini album can take a few days to a few weeks to complete along with other projects.  In this first video, I share how I organize an album and keep everything organized while the project is in process.  I plan to do a lot of mixed media techniques so I'm starting off all the pages with a gesso base.

In the next video I share some of the mixed media techniques, the embellishments and how I will incorporate the stories behind the photos.  I will not video every single page as that would get tedious for you and for me. 

More videos are coming in the next few days, stay tuned...

Hope you enjoy.  Thanks for all your likes and comments on my videos. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

First Layout of the Year

One of my objectives this year involves creating at least a certain number of scrapbook pages.  For this first layout of the year, I'm wrapping up 2022 and bringing in 2023 with a summary page.  Since I couldn't quite decide on photos and paper, I'm doing a 2 pager.  

I used pockets and lots of embellishments on this layout.  It has a little stitching, a little watercolor painting and a lot of fun.

Here is the process video for this page:

Thanks for watching!

Sunday, January 1, 2023

2023 Resolutions

New Year's resolutions can work.  They really can.

The keys to making a resolution work are:

  • Keep it simple
  • Make it positive
  • Be something you will do every day
And don't make it a goal but a step towards your goal.

I have goals to improve my watercolor technique and my free motion quilting quality in 2023.  Part of achieving those goals is a need to practice, practice, practice.

So my crafting resolution for 2023 is:

Practice watercolor and/or free motion quilting every day.

It's very simple.  
It is positive in that it is something I will do versus having a resolution NOT to do something.
It is something I can do every day.  Making it one or the other makes that easier.  Sometimes my watercolors supplies are not out or my long arm area is buried in fabric for another project.  At least one area though should be available and even a few minutes of daily practice will help.

Here's another example:

I also have long term health goals.  I joined a gym in the fall of 2021 and am exercising more.  I still think I need to add more exercise.  So my resolution is to:

Add 15 minutes more movement each day.

Movement in this case is exercise to include walking, weights, or even easy isometric exercises I've picked up in exercise class.  I might climb up and down the stairs and walk around the house a couple of times.  Anything that is consistent movement for 15 minutes that I wasn't going to do anyway. If I go to an exercise class, I want to go in 15 minutes early and use the elliptical or bicycle before class.  

So it is simple and not a burden to do.
Again, this is a positive action.
And I have to do it every day.

I had thought about making the resolution only for days that I don't go to the gym but I think it works best if it is for every day.

This is what works for me on resolutions.  I will admit that even with this formula I've had years where I didn't stick to my resolution every day but I've had many successful years also.  

Here's my video where I share this strategy and my plans for 2023.

Have you made resolutions?

Happy New YEAR!

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Best of 2022

In 2022, I returned to scrapbooking.  I never had stopped but had slowed way down in 2020 and 2021.  I plan to do even more in 2023 and have already had some photos printed to get started.

Also this year, I found a few products I love.  Those and a couple of completed projects are shared in this video. At the end is a surprise treat I received during the year.

What new tools have you added to your crafty life this year?  

Thanks for watching and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Completed Tablecloth


I wasn't sure how this was going to come out.  The tablecloth quilting and border looked good but it had shrunk up so much with the quilting, it did now lay well on the table.  

This video shares adding a band when you have already done all the quilting.

This will be may last video before Christmas.  Hope everyone has a happy holiday season and I will be back close to the New Year.  I have several videos already planned for 2023!

Thursday, December 15, 2022

What's NEW in my Studio

I've begun a new video series.  Or maybe it is just a new way to capture the various types of videos I post.  Or maybe it is just a new intro.  I'm still sorting it out.  

In any case, I have two new videos up this week - a quilting project video and a shopping video.

The first is a video sharing the beginnings of a quilting project to practice free motion quilting. When completed, I will have a new tablecloth.  Spoiler for the follow-up to this video, I've run into a little challenge in finishing so that will be covered in part 2 currently in process.

The 2nd video I have posted is a shopping haul video sharing what I purchased recently from Stampin' Up! and a few art supplies from Blick art Materials.  Many of the SU! items are off the clearance rack.

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for more videos.

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 8, 2022

Holiday Ornament Card

After I finished the last of 50 of these cards AND put them in the mail, I decided they would make a card making video!  

Over the last year, I have been using watercolors more and more to create my cards.  This is intentional.  My craft storage space is limited.  As I am doing more and more sewing and quilting, I need space for those supplies and equipment.  Stamps were taking up a lot of the storage space in my craft room and they weren't getting a lot of love in recent years.  I tried watercolors with the idea that I could draw in designs and then paint the images with watercolors. This would give me a wider range of images and use far less space.

My idea is working in that I'm using stamps even less and have given away quite a few sets.  I am doing things a bit differently in that I'm doing more traditional watercolor painting.  As long as it is simple, I can attempt it.  I'm not a talented artist. I really can't draw unless I have some serious guidelines.  But I have found this to be very fun and rewarding.  Watercolor supplies really don't take up much room at all.

I still have a lot of my stamping supplies though. I kept my Distress Inks and I have many mediums such as Ranger's Perfect Pearls.  So in this card, I've incorporated stamping supplies and watercolors.

The video shares 3 cards.  One is entirely watercolors, another is all stamps and inks and a third is a hybrid with some stamps and some watercolors.

Stay tuned for more videos on my other crafts coming soon.

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