Friday, August 3, 2018

Art Journal Page and Clearing out Mists

I can't believe how long it has been since I played with my art journal.  It started because I wanted to move my mist collection.  I'm not using the mists that often anymore so they really don't need to be on display.  To move them to a basket inside a cabinet I needed to reduce the collection by at least 10 bottles.

The art journal page is where I used some of them one last time and also played with a few mists that I haven't used in a long time.  See both the sorting and the process for this page in the video.  In the video, I use some bookpapers.  You can find bookpaper and music paper collections at my Etsy shop:  Lovely Layers Art

The video is here:

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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Traditional Quilt in Progress

Quilting has been a craft I've picked up from time to time, making a couple of projects and then putting it aside for something else.  Most of my projects in the last 20 years have been less traditional.  I've done watercolor quilts where you take 2" squares and arrange them by value to create a design.  I've done other modern things of that type.  I did make a string quilt for our bed a few years ago but that doesn't really take a pattern.

I was finally in the mood to go back to more traditional quilting. I wanted to make something with half square triangles but I did not want stars.  Turns out such a block is a bit tough to find.  I settled on this block from Generations Quilt Patterns called the Hourglass block.  There are many other free quilt block patterns on this site.

I wanted mine to finish at 12" square and I wanted to use some quick cutting/piecing methods.  Here are a couple of those I found that I liked.

No Waste Flying Geese (this is the site I consulted though there are others)

Making 4 Half Square Triangles at once  These may finish at odd sizes and need to be cut down. 

The main fabric I used is from Northcott, the Chloe collection. 

This video shares how I selected my fabric and how the quilt is coming along.  Also it shows the No Waste Flying Geese technique starting about 12 minutes in.

I'm alternating working on this quilt along with the baby quilt and other projects as I have time.  I enjoy having several things going so I don't get bored working on one thing all the time.  Also if I get to a tough spot on a project and just have a few minutes, I can jump over to something easy on another project.

The next video will be back to papercrafting as I try to pare down my mists and do an art journal page.  Thanks for watching!

Friday, July 20, 2018

4 card designs, one stamp set

To create all of these cards, I started with Stampin' Up!'s Blooms and Wishes which contains several small floral designs, leaves and a few greetings.  This set is discontinued; however, any set with floral or other small designs would work.  I used a few other stamps for greetings and one background stamp - the wood grain.

Here is the process video for creating these cards:

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

My first Free Motion Quilt

It's done!  My first free motion quilted quilt!  I've tied or tacked quilts.  I've used the walking foot, I've even hand quilted - a very long time ago.  But I'd never done more than a few frustrated minutes of free motion quilting until April.  I was determined to finally learn this. I still have quite a way to go but am very pleased with this first effort.

This is also an Improvisational Quilt - something I'd never heard of until a few months ago. You can learn many of these skills from YouTube videos. I used my Craftsy unlimited subscription to help me.

I used several Craftsy classes or rather parts of them to help me complete this project.  Here are all the ones I can remember:

Machine Quilting in Sections
Machine quilting Borders and Backgrounds by Angela Walters for the swirls
Improvisational Piecing
Start Up Library - Quilting
Fearless Free Motion

Here is the video sharing the quilt:

I have already purchased at least some of the fabric for 3 more projects with one underway.  I'm pleased that this one used a lot of what was in my stash so that makes me feel extra good.  So good that I bought all that new fabric.  Oh well, it means I must get to sewing.

(Adding these photos of a dress I bought at a consignment store so I can link them elsewhere on a Tag sale thread.  Great deal for $30 - fully lined.

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Friday, June 29, 2018

Papercrafting Projects using my Stash and Upcycling

I remember the days when I kept a well stocked drawer of wrapping paper and ribbons. I really didn't like gift bags, I preferred a wrapped gift.  I still enjoy wrapping gifts but admit that I'm more likely to do a gift bag particularly when it is an odd shape or didn't come in a box.  Since I don't do a lot of gifting, I don't think to pick up gift wrapping supplies, which leaves me scrambling to make my gifts presentable.

In this video I share a couple of gift bags I've made from store bags.  The main part of the video shows some cards I did for my husband for one of his trips.  I tuck them into the pockets of the clothes in his suitcase as a bit of a surprise.  It isn't that much of a surprise anymore as he has come to expect them but I still think he enjoys reaching into a pocket and pulling out a handmade card with a little note. They take hardly any time and are a great way to use up supplies particularly stamps and stickers.

Finally, I have a canvas I made a year ago for a baby shower.  It was prettier in person than the video.  I hope the still shots will help.

Here's the video:

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Sunday, June 24, 2018

An update on my knitting projects

My latest vlog shares an update on this shawl:

And the start of this project:

Here's the video:

At the end is a quick look at where I am in quilting.  It's been a busy week as I did some cushions for my mother as well.  I haven't done in papercrafting this week but I need a couple of birthday cards so I know I'll be making those soon.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Inspiration from Paper

Almost always, I choose my photo first.  This time I was just puttering around my craft room looking for inspiration and decided to pick a paper collection that I liked and wanted to work with.  Then I would choose the photo.

The collection is a kit from Kaisercraft.  It has been partially used but I found plenty there to work with.  The process video is here:

Stay tuned for another vlog video coming along. I've been busy quilting. I've finished a small knitting project and am forced - forced, I tell you - to shop for yarn for another project.  :-)

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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Quilting Progress Video

For my Vlog video this week, I am concentrating on quilting.  I had much to share and thought it made sense to do just one craft per video.  I'll probably do another quilting one soon.  Also I'll do separate videos on papercrafting and from time to time, knitting.  I don't knit that much per day so I typically only complete one project every couple of months.

In the video, I share a quilt top I pieced a few weeks ago after doing a portion of an Improvisational Piecing class on Craftsy. I'd never heard of Improvisational quilting until I was watching one of their series featuring several quilters telling their stories. I love the freedom of this type of piecing.  It is sort of an anything goes approach and you don't have to be super picky about measuring and cutting. When I started I just wanted to use up some of my older fabrics.  For the background the only thing I had enough of was a black and gray fabric.  I added another one and it has created some drama. It is also going to create a little bit of a headache and eyestrain, too.  Quilting on black fabric is akin to knitting black or navy yarn.  It's just harder to see.  I hope it means it is harder to see the imprecision of my free motion quilting, too.  ;-)

A class I bought on Craftsy last fall but only recently watched is Marti Michell's Machine Quilting in Sections.  Marti shares many methods for joining your quilt pieces after they are quilted. I give some of my impressions of these with some sample quilt blocks.  I used Angela Walters Dot to Dot techniques for much of the quilting.

I am planning to use a swirl design on the background of Improv quilt.  My swirls are looking a little better thanks to some YouTube videos by Melanie Ham and Leah Day and the practice I'm doing.  I share in my video how I'm replicating my quilt top on a practice piece so I can get the feel, literally, of how much fabric I can manage on my machine at a time.  This will also help me determine which of Marti's methods I want to use to finish this quilt top which is about 65" square.  That's not so terribly big but for someone new to free motion working in now a much smaller space, it seems huge.

Lastly, (surprise!) I went shopping.  So I have a sneak peek of some fabrics new to my stash. I do have a plan for these and will share that in another video.

Here's the Vlog video on YouTube:

Thanks for watching!
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