Monday, June 3, 2024

Second Watercolor Sketchbook

I just shared my 2nd watercolor sketchbook on YouTube.  I have mostly been sewing the last few months.  I still paint for cards but it took me a long time to add to this sketchbook.  I still paint mostly botanicals and am developing my style.

If you would like to see my latest watercolor, here is the video:

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Lisa, I always enjoy seeing what you've been up to in your studio. I, too, have discovered the value of a sketchbook, so I'm glad that you're painting in yours. I can certainly relate to the difficulty you had with your clouds. I think they may be a little tough in many different mediums. I had trouble with mine when I was sketching with graphite pencil, and I'm sure I'll spend a lot of time learning to perfect them. Thanks for sharing your work! Keep having fun!


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