Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Altering Designer Paper

Sometimes the perfect pattern isn't the perfect color.  I'm continuing our trip to Charleston from last spring.  As I was looking at the photos for inspiration, I thought that a brick background stamp or paper would be perfect to accentuate the lovely architecture of the town and that we were on a garden tour which are often behind the brick walls of private residences.  Unfortunately, I did not really have a brick stamp.  I knew I had a brick paper; it just took me a long time to find.

When I did the brick were very red.  A good color for brick but not for my photos of Charleston.  So I decided to distress the brick with some white paint.  I didn't quite get the true effect yet it toned down the red enough to make the paper work with my photos.

Here is the video:

Thanks for watching!  I try to monitor comments and get back to you with answers to question.  I am close to 10,000 subscribers which amazes me.  Thanks for following me, liking the videos and adding comments.  It is very motivational.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Layout and a Video...finally

Sometimes being busy and procrastinating pays off.

When I started this two page layout, I had a different idea of how to embellish it but when I finally got back to the page nearly 2 months later, I realized it needed a little more chic look to tell the story.

The process video starts with the first idea and then migrates to the 2nd.  While this isn't my most original layout, as I've done this kind of arrangement before, it pleases me.  Hopefully it will inspire me to do a few more pages.  Process video 

I have slightly more room in my crafting space as I bought a new printer and put it back in the office downstairs where we used to keep our printer.  I don't print that much for anything anymore so I figured it could take up space there rather than on my worktable - and my husband was starting to invade my space with clutter.  I moved the Silhoeutte to my crafting table, freeing up a little more space in the sewing section.  Clearing and reorganizing is always motivating to me.

Hope you have a great weekend!
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