Sunday, March 6, 2022

Instagram Quilt Fest

This month over on Instagram, quilters from all over the world are sharing their work and their stories in the #IGQuiltFest2022 sponsored by Amy's Creative Side blog.  This used to be a blogging event but moved to Instagram at some point.  I didn't jump in until day 3. I'm really enjoying the quilts and more importantly the stories behind them.  

Each day has a prompt and the participants, which can be anyone, post a photo that relates. Today's prompt is "Origin Stories."   An example is 'how did you get started quilting?'  My answer was my first recollection of asking a family member how to quilt.  My grandmother didn't have a quilt in front of her, she had given up quilting when her family was grown and she moved to small home.  She answered by using the corner of her apron to emulate how you would stitch in arcs to put together a quilt. I now know that this is the Baptist fan pattern.

Yesterday's question was about Why we each like to quilt.  My answer is that quilting can be so many things and I used the quilt pictured here as my example.

To make the design above, I sketched the hearts and a little of the swirl and then quilted in black thread just adding the rest of the stuff as I went.  It is a style of graffiti quilting.  Then I painted in the hearts and all the rest - one red heart for my husband one one more pink one for me.  I haven't put a binding on it.  I love the design but there are some flaws. I'd like to redo it sometime and make it a little more perfect. I'm not a perfectionist so I don't aim to not make any mistakes, just less noticeable ones.

Tomorrow's prompt is Lesson Learned.  I'm not sure what I'm going to choose for that one.  There are so many lessons I've learned about sewing and quilting over the years.

What I'm most enjoying is reading everyone's posts.  It is giving me some much needed inspiration.

Check out the posts with the hashtag #IGQuiltFest2022 on Instagram and see what a world of quilters are up to.  Thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, March 1, 2022


My latest quilt in my Etsy shop!

This modern quilt is made with gelli printed fabric, long arm hand guided quilting and hand painting.  

Here is the listing for more information and many more photos.  Etsy Listing

This one took quite awhile to evolve.  I printed the fabric several weeks ago and then I stared at it often hanging on my design wall before I cut it and started sewing and painting.  Sometimes you have to live with a design for awhile before it can progress.  

I love the energy of this piece.

Thanks for visiting today!

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