Thursday, August 17, 2017

Art Journal page using paint, stencils and typewriting

This year in particular, my day-to-day has changed quite a bit.  There have been plenty of medical challenges the last few years and I suspect more to come.  Getting some of those thoughts down on this art journal page, I used paint, stenciling, and typewritten phrases.  I realized...

(At this point 6 hours ago, the phone rang.  After many minor emergencies and scheduled activities, I'm resuming my post about life today...)

I realized that I have plenty I can art journal about such the expression I most hate - "Take it one day at a time" but I'll leave that for another day.  In the meantime, this page captures some of the challenges and the process is on this video:

Thanks for hanging in there with me today.  Hope you have a good weekend!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A Traditional Walk

We have a tradition.  We go for a walk/hike early on during all our vacations.  The tradition isn't the walk it is how long it is in the wrong direction.  Here's the journaling that goes with this page:

With a noon reservation at Fallingwater, we had some time to sight see that morning.  Cucumber Falls was supposed to be close to the road and looked like a good place to stretch our legs and take in one of our favorite things, a beautiful waterfall.  We took one of the last parking spaces and crossed the bridge onto a well maintained trail.  Soon I began to wonder why no one was coming back along the path after visiting the falls.  Where were all the people who were parked in the lot?  A couple of people did come along but it was 20 minutes further down to another bridge and a view and we just didn’t have the time. 

When we returned to the bridge, I suggested we try a small trail by the creek.  It was steep and we held onto branches in places and stepped over mud but still no waterfall though we could definitely hear it. Nearly out of time, we took a selfie.

After crossing the bridge back to the parking lot, Lenny said, “Wait, let’s look over here.”  Sure enough there was a sign!  And what is that?  Steps even!  The waterfall was just steps from the car.

We had already been talking about how this was part of our tradition.  On the first day of a trip we always walk much further than planned.  We walked miles and miles to get to and from the beach the first time we went to Hilton Head.  We walked more blocks than I could possibly count on the hilly streets of San Francisco until we wound our way back to the hotel.  In Grand Tetons National Park, I gave up on our trek around Jenny Lake and we took a boat back to the car.  In Sydney we wanted to walk the Harbor Bridge just after arriving and take the bus back.  Unfortunately it was a Saturday and we didn’t have the bus schedule so we just had to walk back on only 2 or 3 hours sleep.  Our long walks have given us beautiful views, slightly achy feet and fun stories from our travels.

For the video, I tell this story so you can skip that part if you wish and get onto the layout which uses up some Maya Road chipboard and uses Distress Oxide inks:

I enjoyed doing this two pager.  Thanks for visiting today!
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