Monday, August 20, 2012

Our newest resident

Last Thursday was a beautiful day here.  I was feeling good after lunch strolling down to the cantaloupe patch to pick a much anticipated melon.  We have some 'old' melons and 'new' ones.  The old ones are volunteers from last year.  The new ones are those we set out when the volunteers hadn't come up yet.  The new ones look great but are hard and not very sweet.  The old ones have just about stopped bearing.  On Thursday, I'd considered picking the last ripe one but held off one more day just to make it a bit more perfect.

When I got to the patch, here is what I found:

Something had eaten my perfect melon!

This isn't the first time.  Earlier in the season we had several melons nibbled on.  My husband said it was rabbits.  My uncle claimed rats were the culprit.  But I knew what critter had done this.  I'd seen them in the yard and later that afternoon I saw them in my patch - Crows!  To be even further insulted, the crows are only eating from the 'old' ones.  They apparently don't like the new melons either.

So on Saturday, Sally the Scarecrow was born out of necessity.  My husband wanted to name her Mrs. Delacroix.  He may have seen a bit too much Masterpiece Theater.  Anyway, Sally is on the job now so let's hope we get some more melons.

You know this is going to become a scrapbook page eventually.  By then, perhaps I'll know how good Sally is at her job.  Her first full day was a success. I saw a lot of crows on Sunday - in the neighbor's yard.

Hope you have a great day!


  1. Isn't that upsetting to see your hard work picked apart by a crow.
    I hope Sally does her job.
    Can't wait to see the photo with the crow sitting on the scarecrow, teehee.

  2. I would have been so upset! It really is a lot of hard work to grow a garden, and then to have it eaten just before you are ready to harvest something good...arrrgh! I know other creatures have to eat, too, but it's just frustrating when it's your garden goodies. Oh, well, I hope Sally is a big deterrent. :-)


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