Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Scrapbook Page Display Shelf

For years I've been wanting a shelf to display my completed pages for a few days before putting them away.  I had the perfect spot but there were two problems.

One was my laziness.  The shelf would go under a high window that had leaked ages ago.  The window was repaired last spring yet I'd never gotten around to repainting the wall.  I knew this had to be done before a shelf went up.

The next part was that I couldn't find a long enough shelf.  I guess the procrastination comes in here a bit, too.  I had someone who would make the shelf if I got the materials and provided a drawing.  Finally last week, I went shopping for moulding.

I found the perfect thing and was able to do it all myself after I had my husband make one cut of the moulding.  I'm tickled with the result and I have to say a bit high on the accomplishment.  I only painted the damaged part of the wall as it is a cathedral ceiling and you can't tell at all that it wasn't entirely painted.  It pays to save paint chips when you build or remodel.  I've done far more complex projects in my window treatment business but for some reason this little job gave me an extra thrill.  I live such an exciting life :-)

Anyway, here's a video showing the moulding used with a brief description of how to do this if you want an inexpensive shelf for displaying pages.

Watch at YouTube

The moulding is from Lowes Hardware.  It is Primed Radiata Pine Crown Moulding, $15.  I recommend displaying your pages out of direct sunlight.  Paper and stamped ink fades fast if you windows do not have total UV protection.  Even if they do, you can have some fading over time.

Thanks for watching!


  1. What a great idea, Lisa! And I LOVE the pages you have displayed. Super fun!

  2. This is a wonderful idea and it takes up so little depth in the room too. I love it! I really like the projects you have on display there - any chance of a close look? ;-)

  3. Your display shelf turned out perfectly.
    I have some of my favourite layouts hung from a rod in page protectors. While I do love it, I never change them up as it is to much trouble (well not really, I'm just to lazy, lol.
    Your way is so much easier.

  4. Love how your display shelf turned out... I have one similar and LOVE it... mine is also on the window wall and I change out pics regularly to avoid fading but thanks for the tip! Awesome :) Kathi

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