Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Crop via Skype

This is not my regular craft space.  It is my dining room table covered with several stamp sets, inks and embossing tools.  My husband was out of town and I was having a fun card making session.  Alone?  No, I had a wonderful friend with me - just not actually in the same room or even the same town.

My best friend Karen now lives 4 hours away :-(   It seems though that we talk and even 'see' each other more than ever :-) thanks to the good old telephone and Skype.

I was planning to go for a visit this month; however, some of my aches and pains have returned in unpredictable ways so I decided to wait on the visit.   We had planned to do some crafting together and found a way to do it anyway via Skype.  We both have laptops with built in webcams.  My only catch was my regular crafting table just isn't big enough for all my stuff and a good place to put the computer.  That's why I'm in the dining room.  We positioned the laptops to see each other most of the time but quick tilt of of the lid would put the focus on our techniques.  I even carried the laptop into the kitchen to continue to chat while I fixed lunch.

While there is no substitute for being in the same place together, there are some advantages to sharing your creativity from home:  no packing and you never really forget anything - supplies aren't more than a room away.  It doesn't take a lot of planning to do this either.  You can Skype for an hour or two and then return to other activities you have planned.  Skype is available on regular computers and mobile devices for free.

The cards above are ones I completed after our session using components we did together.  We tried several techniques including the water stamping on Splitcoaststampers shown on the left.

The scalloped design is from the Four Season set from Stampin' Up! - one we both own now.

We had fun and plan to do this again soon.  I also hope to get down there for a visit again before the end of the year.  In the meantime it is nice to have technology on our side.

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  1. Your cards finished off very nicely. I haven't finished mine up yet, but hope to this weekend. :-)

  2. I think this is becoming more and more popular as a way of crafting with others. Sometimes its just nice to be able to chat with someone else, even if you can't actually see what they are doing every minute!

  3. Very beautiful the amazing background. Ijust have to cased you for my Consider it cased week.


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