Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fall Bookmark Card

For card class this month, we did this fall card which holds a bookmark using Pink Paislee's Prairie Hill collection and the Four Seasons hostess stamp set from Stampin' Up!  All of us are readers who have friends who are readers so these are enjoyable cards to make and to give.  Although I have to confess, I haven't given away the last bookmark we made in class!  Sometimes I get so busy making cards, I forget to send them.  :-(

When making a bookmark, I always like to have as few potentially loose edges as possible.  So for this one, I cut all the paper strips longer than the yellow top piece and then folded them under the yellow chevron.  A piece of yellow cardstock covered the back to conceal and protect all those edges.  

For the circle element, we used 3 different inks and pressed the ink pad to the stamp in 3 areas to get a graduation of color.  We didn't worry about the center of the design as we were covering it with a button.

One of my favorite parts of this card is an idea I got from Rainy (Susan) here.

She used these large SU! grommets on her card and I've used them to hold some ribbon over the front so the bookmark won't fall out.

Everyone liked the cards we made.  I think the big hit of the evening was dessert.  I found this recipe in Oprah's magazine for Peaches and Sour Cream Ice Cream.  What I loved was you didn't need an ice cream freezer since we don't have one.  It was very easy to make and I had some fresh local peaches.  I doubled the recipe to be sure I had enough even though it is quite rich.  Ice cream keeps (in theory) so well anyway.

Thanks for stopping by today!  I've got to get back to the kitchen and put away some more of those peaches.  I'm swimming in fruit around here.


  1. Very nice! I love the soft fall colors you used!

  2. That is a wonderful book mark! Great idea for a small gift. I have quite a collection of book marks for each season and enjoy them very much.

  3. I love this idea, and your bookmark card is so pretty.
    Yummm peach ice cream sounds delish :)


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