Friday, August 10, 2012

Life at 22

I have complained a few times here that there are very few photos of me from childhood.  Well, I was just as bad as I got older.  I didn't take that many photos of my 20's either.  I knew though that I had photos from one period in my 20's and that was around my first wedding.  Now I don't plan to scrapbook the wedding but I hoped when I went back through that old box I'd find something besides wedding photos and I did. These were made at my bridal luncheon thrown by a co-worker.

I didn't want a traditional shower and she wanted to do something for me.  The event was perfect.  The photos also really tell the story of what my life revolved around when I was 22 years old - work, my co-workers, my fiance, my wedding - probably in that order.  (This might have been a clue about how the marriage would go, but it is a lot easier to see that in hindsight.)

I was just finishing my first full year of real work after college and it had been challenging to say the least. I worked in the budgeting department of a large company in our area.  Putting together a budget is not something for a recent college grad to do.  When you are in college, you can still get an "A" if you miss a couple of things on a paper or test.  In my job, everything we prepared went to top management.  It had to be perfect or it was wrong.  There was no in between.  So it was stressful with lots of long hours.  I spent a lot of time with people I found in the photos that accompanied the ones on this page.

I did another page using those photos but decided not to post it.  I'm not sure everyone would appreciate having their 25 year old photos shared. Some people are still with the same company, many moved away and I lost track of them. Going back through these photos and thinking about each person brought back a lot of fun memories.  The guys weren't included in the luncheon but I still remember all of them, too.  We played a lot of practical jokes on one another to lighten the mood, like putting snow in one of my co-workers cubicle overhead bins.  The joke was on us though.  The heat had gone off once again in our old building and the snow wouldn't melt!  We wanted it to drip down on his desk and surprise him. We did a lot of crazy stuff to keep each other sane through the pressure and the work.

I stayed in that job for 2 years and moved on with the company.  It was an invaluable experience in all ways.

For the page, I used a Basic Grey's Sweet Threads for a background matching the pastel colors of my dress.  I wore a lot of pastels in my 20's. The canvas flowers and butterfly are Prima.  They are first stamped and covered with chalk and then some mist.  I added some Stickles to the butterfly to go with the other Prima flowers.

Thanks for accompanying me down memory lane.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend.  I have some long distance stamping planned.  More on that later.


  1. Lisa, this page is beautiful. I really love the pastels, the layout, and especially the background paper. And, of course, the best part is your stories. :-)

  2. Pretty layout! be 22 again!


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