Sunday, February 9, 2014

No Worries

Anyone who knows us knows that I'm the one who runs things around here.  This is no big secret.  It isn't that my husband doesn't get a say.  We make major decisions together and he makes his own business decisions, of course.  But when it comes to getting things done in the house, planning a trip or seeing to family matters, I'm the doer.  He's very laid back.

I'm also the worrier.  If there is a problem or even a potential problem, I'm the one who is going to check it out and fuss over it.  I often envy him his ability to just go with things.  He does have concerns but they never rule his life.  He's a happy, relaxed person.

So this background paper was perfect.  Actually he had a lot to do with the choices for this page and in that I'll say he was a bit uncomfortable.

Today's prompt for LOAD was to let someone else take over the control of your scrapbooking.  My way of doing that was to ask my husband to look through my Pages Pinterest board where I've pinned over 100 pages from various scrapbookers.  I pinnned pages where I liked the background, the subject, the way a particular embellishment was done.  He went through and chose three pages for these reasons:

A page by Sue Althouse using bright colors.  I liked Sue's page because she used Washi as a way to provide a backdrop over a busy paper for her titling.

Sarah Webb's page with a text background.  (The link is to my Pin - her original is out for publication.)

A page by Diane Payne with a distinctive half circle banner for journaling.

I scraplifted those ideas for the page above.  I started with these supplies including this text basked Bo Bunny paper that is perfect for my husband's laid back nature:

Here's Sue's idea of using Washi to give my journaling a place to rest:

A circle embellishment balances the page.  

My interpretation of the banner was more traditional than Diane's - her's is a technique I still want to try at some point, perhaps on a calmer background.

It was a fun page that came together really fast.  I didn't fuss over it too much.  Maybe he is rubbing off on my after all.

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. Love the page and your story about your husband. I fit into your husband's category... It's my hubby who is the "cruise director" as I call him. He is the worrier, too. I so appreciate all that he does, and I bet your hubby does with you as well.

  2. You and Lenny complement each other just perfectly. No wonder you have such a successful marriage. Love your page. I would never have believed that such a busy background would work so well - but it does. The washi tape was the perfect touch. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great page.
    I like the idea of letting go of your process and getting someone else to make some choices for you.
    I couldn't do that though…I'm much to controlling, lol.
    Our household sounds a lot like yours ;)

  4. Looks like we have a lot in common, Lisa. :) I often call myself Julie McCoy. LOL! Love how your page worked out. Love the ideas you incorporated into it.


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