Sunday, February 23, 2014

Altered Pattern Paper

I really stretched the LOAD prompt today - about 180 degrees.  We were supposed to focus on the future - a dream perhaps.  I went back to an old dream coming true.

I've blogged about this before but basically it is that I'd always thought I'd write a great novel some day.  That hasn't happened but I did publish a book - an e-book - recently.  Since this has been a dream forever, I thought it deserved a page. Here is the journaling:

Writing a book has been at the top of my bucket list for far longer than we called it a ‘bucket list.’  I’ve dreamed of writing a novel since I was in junior high.  However, it has been more of a wish and as I’ve gotten older, I realized my gifts were more with the visual arts.  Yet, finally I did publish a book!  A Year of Sketches was compiled from all of 2013’s scrapbook sketches.  I’m proud of my book even if it isn’t hundreds of pages of words.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then I’ve got several books in this one!

I knew I was going to do a page on this photo a few weeks ago so I started prepping some papers.  I filmed my process but ended up deleting the video.  I wanted to show altering pattern paper with ink and mist.  My results were a bit spotty - literally. Some things worked and some didn't so I figured I'd do a video when I had a better handle on things.

The reason I was altering pattern paper was color.  I needed a blue I had none of in pattern paper.  I had some cardstock but it wasn't quite the color either.  I did have plenty of ink though that matched so I created these pieces and then today used them on my layout.

The paper in the lower right corner became part of the embellishment here.  The other papers were used as strips on the page.

I had a couple of good stickers.  One of them 'live your dreams' was brown and didn't go at all so I altered it, too using a technique from my upcoming Two Page Terrific class.  Hint:  No ink involved.

I also tapped into the Creative Cardstock class using some leftover embossed cardstock and giving it a bit of a lift for the rest of the background.  

The little rectangle of orange and white chevron peeking out is a sample of letterpress my friend Dani sent me.  The quality is just amazing.  I can see why she loves the technique.

So lots of techniques packed into this page to celebrate a past accomplishment.  Sorry, Lain.  I do have future dreams and I've already scrapped my 2014 goals.  So I went a bit off topic today.

Thanks for stopping by.  If you are interested in my e-book, you can find the info here.  I've gotten very good feedback on it so far.  Maybe I'll do another e-book in the future.


  1. What fun colors and design Lisa.

    Hugs Diane

  2. Your page is awesome, well deserves its own scrapbook page.
    I too dream of writing a novel..even if it is never published ;)


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