Monday, February 24, 2014

Boy, Sports themed page - Process Video

This should probably say 'sports themed without any sports specific product.'  My husband and I aren't sports fans.  We did watch a LOT of figure skating during the Olympics so much that I have dreamed about it.  We don't; however; watch basketball, baseball, racing etc so I have nothing at all sports related in my stash.

Dillon has been playing basketball for a few seasons and this year we received some photos.  These were a very small resolution so I had to print them small.  I used one of the sketches from my sketchbook that was originally designed for a single 4"x6" print.  It was also originally a title page so there wasn't a place for much journaling.  I put a pocket behind the photos here to hold the journaling.  There is a blank card there so my stepdaughter can write whatever she likes about the season or this specific game in which Dillon's free throw abilities were key.

I started this page on the LOAD challenge day when we were supposed to do a page without worrying about acid free product.  I don't know if the envelope here is acid free or not.  I do this quite often as I use memorabilia like brochures on my travel pages.  It doesn't bother me.   The library has books older than me and they are still fine so I figure my pages will certainly last my lifetime and beyond.

Then I got interrupted frequently getting this page done so here it finally is on the day we were to scraplift ourselves. Well, it certainly qualifies for that as I used on of my own sketches - just flipped around.

The faux stitching is with a white gel pen and I used a lot of stickers on this page which finishes off the Echo Park All about a Boy collection.

Here is the video at YouTube:

And the sketches are in this sketchbook.  Also, I'm putting the finishing touches on the new Two Page Terrific class which will be out later in the week. Everything is uploaded so it is mostly just administrative stuff now.  Stay tuned!


  1. Such a great boy/sports page, Lisa! Loving the pocket behind the photo and the big red stars!

  2. as always, a great layout.
    I don't have any sport related papers either.
    You did an awesome job


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