Tuesday, February 4, 2014

In under 30 minutes

I knew this one was coming - a LOAD prompt to do a page in a short amount of time.  Today is the day so I timed myself doing this page.  I already had the idea of what I wanted to do.  I spent 5 minutes gathering all the supplies except embellishment.  That is where I got a bit stumped.  Then I remembered a stamp set I'd recently gotten.

I typed up the journaling. The actual page took 13 minutes to do!  I didn't fuss over everything so the lettering isn't perfectly straight.  The story got told.

Journaling reads:

My mother always said she didn’t know how she would have gotten me fed in the morning if not for Captain Kangaroo.  She put my high chair in front of our only TV and I sat mesmerized by the Captain, Mr.  Green Jeans, Moose, the bunny rabbit and the falling ping pong balls as she scooped in baby food.

I started with the '50's clock' stencil from Crafter's Workshop on an ivory cardstock background.  I added Washi tape to the opposite corner and then built in the rest of the layers. The baby-themed stamps provided the embellishment.

Here's the SHORT process video at YouTube:

Here's the sketch for this page:

And all of 2013 sketches are available in one PDF for only $8.  Each page gives measurements and substitutions to stretch the sketches even further.  More details here.

I can't say I was looking forward to doing a fast page, but I do like the result.  I also learned some things about my stash and my process.  I truly do need to buy more embellishments.

Also, I need to declutter my adhesives.  I kept getting things out and then putting them up.  I wish I'd realized this before I went to the Container store last week.  I'm sure I can find or make something that will fix the problem. I never realized what a time waster my current system is.

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. Oh how cute is this! Great layout, Lisa!

  2. Thanks for the memories, Lisa! Love this page, especially what you did with the washi!

  3. Great page and I loved Captain Kangaroo also. So many times you scrap a page or do something that is just the way I would. That's why I love watching your videos and seeing your ideas. Keep up the great work. Until next time, Lisa Carroll


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