Sunday, February 2, 2014

Cookbook Memories

My very first cookbook was one published by the church I attended growing up.  It is still my favorite and the source of many treats.  One of those is our Christmas cheese ball. I've made that recipe almost every year since I was a teenager.

Today's LOAD prompt has us focusing on the small events of life.  I thought I was picking this one memory from Christmas.  When I started thinking and journaling, I really had 3 stories to tell with these photos.  So I included them all in the pocket behind the photos.

My aunt Betty recommended this particular recipe and gave me a tip to make it easier to make.  I've since learned that if you mix everything up in your mixer with the dough maker attachment, it is a snap to make.  I haven't learned how to take all the calories and cholesterol out so we just save this for the holidays.

I didn't have any cooking themed stamps or embellishments so I framed a little cutout from the pattern paper.

I had a friend who loved cheese ball and the recipe always makes me remember him.  I also journaled quite a bit about the cookbook.  I could have gone on and on about my early cooking efforts.  It is amazing what a photo or two can bring back.

For the page, I used a 3 photo sketch from my sketchbook PDF which you can find out more about here.

And the video is here or at YouTube:

Thanks for watching today.  LOAD continues and I'll do more videos but probably not every day.  I've got a class to get ready!


  1. I love documenting special recipes too. Love how this turned out, Lisa! The page has a cozy, homey feel to it. :)

  2. Love this topic and your page! Church cookbooks are the best!


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