Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Working on the Diagonal

The photos of my kitty Jasper playing on the rug inspired the idea of going on the diagonal.  I thought I'd line up the papers with the lines in the photos.  This didn't happen quite that way.  The process from an all diagonal placement to the layout above is shown in the video.  I wasn't sure if it would work at all so I was happy to make just a few changes.

For embellishments I used an older flower punch to create layers.  I've used this punch many times but never with a large circle in the middle.  It creates a scallop edge that is more rounded than my regular scallop punch.  The little bird stamped images are from the Cheep Talk set by Stampin' Up! which has gotten a ton of use over the years.  I've used the birds on at least one page before but not in quite this way.  Most of the paper is Pyrus 6x6 paper from Basic Grey.

Watch at YouTube

Here is the PDF file -- Sketch for page with diagonal elements

I picked this 'Handsome' ticket because I think my Jasper is very handsome.  My husband thinks he is an ordinary looking cat at best.  Hmph!  Ordinary, indeed!

Jasper likes to play with his fake bird toy.  We have no worries that our bird feeder is actually feeding the cat.  Jasper is a ground kitty and doesn't care for heights at all.  Occasionally he watches the birds out the window but that is about it.  Mice and bunnies, beware, though!

Thanks for watching today!


  1. Love the diagonal design on here, Lisa! Great kitty layout. :)

  2. Great design, don't you just love the antics of cats. No other animal entertains the same way kitties do :)

  3. Love the diagonal layout! I agree, your kitty is quite handsome! :)

  4. Awesome layout! Love the diagonal design and what a gorgeous cat! You have to check out my neighbor's cat in my most recent blog post.

  5. This is such a great layout.
    I love the diagonal layout you did, so fun.
    Your layout with your kitty put a smile on my face...ordinary cat..I think not :)

  6. Fabulous design, Lisa! And I love the pics of your HANDSOME Jasper!

  7. Love the layout. Oh my, Jasper is not an ordinary looking cat. He is quite handsome. I was going to say beautiful, do you think he would mind being beautiful? LOL

  8. Love your kitty. Another inspiring page and video.


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