Monday, March 11, 2013

Watercolor drip notebook cover

I always enjoy starting a fresh notebook.  It is a bit like being back in school.  Remember when the school year started and we had all new notebooks and freshly sharpened pencils.  I always vowed to write neatly and that lasted maybe a week before my chicken scratching came out.

Well, I've filled up my last everyday notebook so it's time for another notebook cover. For this cover, I used a watercolor technique from Art class at Two Peas selecting colors to match this bright striped paper.  I think the paper is from Jillibean Soup but I'd cut off the branding strip.  There isn't much of it left at this point as I lined the inside cover with the stripe also.

The stamped and punched circles use the Quintessential Flower stamp from Stampin' Up! and several colors of cardstock.  The words were cut using my SCAL software on the Cricut.  I cut out a ampersand symbol and then sponged around it for the 'and.'  I'd planned to put Washi behind the cut out words but that proved too busy and plain cardstock looked best.

This was the first time I'd wrapped a notebook cover in watercolor paper.  Since it is heavier, I did score it with the scoreboard first.  The process of fitting the paper around the holes is the same as this video I did a couple of years back.  It is still by far my most popular video.  I'm planning to do an update to it later in the year when we get close to back to school time.  I'd like to add some ideas for decorating the covers and still keeping them flat.

Watch at YouTube

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  1. Where do you buy your notebooks? I love that they are lined on one side and graph paper on the other side! I want to make about 3 of them :) Thanks for any help and love the inspiration they have given me :) Kathi

    1. These are Mead notebooks. I get them from Office Max which is about to merge with Office Depot. I just stocked up on this type of notebook.

  2. Lisa, thanks for re-posting your earlier video on make the notebook cover. I didn't see it when it originally came out. Now that I see how easy this is, I may have to try it. LOVE your watercolors! I can tell you had a good time doing them. Happy Monday! :-)

  3. great job!! love the watercolors!! and thanks for the video!! i've been wondering how people do that!!

  4. This notebook is fabulous!!!! Love the pop of colors.

  5. I love how you altered your note book.
    that is so fun with the colour dripping away from the spine, so cool.
    Reminds me of that crayon art that is so popular right now :)


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