Monday, March 4, 2013

For Good Health

When I sleep, I grind and clench my teeth - a lot.  It has created all kinds of problems with my teeth and jaw.  I've worn some type of bite guard for nearly 20 years now.  A couple of years ago, my guard suddenly wasn't enough.  I tried a lot of things to help me sleep better and be calmer including acupuncture which was very helpful, massage that felt great but I'm not sure helped much and mediation.  (ETA:  I mean Meditation not mediation.  That would be fun - debating with my jaw "If you'll let me rest good tonight, I'll give you ice cream tomorrow." :-)

Also along the way, I noticed some changes in my sleep that didn't have anything to do with teeth grinding.  Age was catching up with me!  Oh how frustrating.  So I did some research and found that I might improve things with some dietary changes.  Believe me, giving up chocolate ice cream and soda were definitely the last things on my list I wanted to try.  

Yet, it was one of the best things I've ever done.  I try to eat a cleaner diet.   I choose foods that have few ingredients, eat mostly things I prepare myself.  It's been nearly a year since I had a single sip of soda and really don't miss it.  I replaced the chocolate ice cream with a much smaller amount of fruit sorbet and have a fruit, oatmeal and Greek yogurt smoothie for breakfast every day.  I so still eat some chocolate but with fewer ingredients.  I do sleep better and I have more energy each day.  This sounds so cliche yet it is true.   

So this page reflects some of the things I tried in my quest to be a healthier and calmer in 2012.

For the page, I CASEd the design from one in Wilna's Art class at Two Peas.  I used a larger grid with fewer photos and more chipboard pieces.  Wilna showed us a technique with gesso and watercolor paints that creates a beautiful finish for chipboard.   The pieces look like an faux finished wall.

I love undressed or raw chipboard.  You can paint it, stamp it, color with a marker, cover with pattern paper and emboss it.  It is one of the most flexible scrapbooking supplies.  I haven't bought any new pieces in a long time because I bought so much a few years ago from Oriental Trading company and Stampin' Up!

One of the most important thing I learned about being healthy is to trust your heart and your instincts.

Thanks for visiting today. Tomorrow I'll have the last Paper Piercing Pack card and video.


  1. Love your page and thanks for all the info on what it means to you. When we moved I made lots of changes dietary and otherwise and am LOVING it too! I don't miss my old ways and my body is appreciating the 30 lbs I lost along the way! Thanks for sharing your artwork and yourself :) Kathi

  2. Beautiful project. And, thank you for the inspiration to go back to a cleaner diet! I really need that.


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