Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Queen of Bling

My Mother is the Queen of Bling. She loves all kind of jewelry and fashion. I should give you a little background.

Mother is one of those women who can wear anything.  Well, maybe not pink.  But just darn near anything looks fantastic on her.  She's tall, has stayed trim and she just has style to carry off large statement jewelry, bold patterns and pretty much anything on trend or from years past.

Most of my life, I've been in awe of her ability to put together her outfits from purchases made in different stores usually in different cities sometimes from different decades.  She taught me to always save your accessories.  Jewelry, belts, scarves and handbags should never be thrown out.  She's right.  Last year I was wearing a necklace from the 80's and getting compliments on it.

There have been times when her style has left me wondering if I was adopted.  When I was in high school, The Preppy Handbook was the teenager's bible. My friends and I wore pleated wool skirts with knee high socks for our college tours.  My Mother was going through a phase that included a fringed leather jacket.  I was mortified.

I do okay putting myself together when I make the effort but I don't have nearly her knack for it.  Most of my wardrobe is from Talbots, Land's End, and Eddie Bauer.  I love good basics that last forever and I wear everything in my closet.  If it weren't for mail order, I'd be running around naked.

Mother loves scouring stores for fashion and statement jewelry.  When she read about a necklace Mrs. Obama was wearing for a fashion magazine photo shoot, she just had to see it.  So she came down and we looked it up on-line.  The necklace was available at J. Crew (where else?) and we ordered it.  You can see the delight on her face when it came.

Like most of my wardrobe, I've had these photos for awhile and just hadn't gotten them scrapped.  The technique at the top and bottom of the page is from the Art Class at 2P's.  It uses modeling paste, paint and some Heidi Swapp mist.  

I like that so many of the class techniques work on dark colored cardstock which is always a challenge to me.  The one thing I don't like on this page is the word "Bling" I mixed two different fonts and I don't think it was successful.  It is a bit delicate for the other pieces.  Anyway, it was a fun page to do and something totally unique.  Just like it's subject.

BTW, she took the bow off that necklace to make it her own.  She couldn't copy even the First Lady if she tried.

Project Life will return tomorrow.  I have a traditional two page layout with a ton of photos and journaling.  Hope you are having a great week.


  1. What a lovely layout and I love how you shared your story of your mom and the bling.

  2. This is a lovely page.
    The write up about your mom and her style is touching :)

  3. Oh how I envy people like your Mother! They are the Jackie O's of this world. This layout is striking...just like your Mom.

  4. great page!! your mom looks so happy in that picture... beautiful story!!


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