Thursday, March 7, 2013

Everyday Conversations - A Project Life layout

Do any of your conversations go like this?

This usually follows "Where do you want to have dinner?" or "What time do you want to leave?"  I don't know if we are really compatible are just indecisive :-)   Anyway, here's the layout for the last two weeks of Project Life.

So for this two week spread, I focused on what we said.  A few little tidbits are in the speech bubbles. Of course I had to interpret for the 4 legged master of the household:

He's on squirrel watch in one of the photos.  I chase the squirrel off the bird feeder and he runs from window to window to watch him leave.

On a more serious note, Lenny and I did talk a lot over those two weeks but most of it is in the hidden pocket.  A business associate of his passed away suddenly and it created a lot of change in how he would be doing business.  His friend and business associate was also only a couple of years older than my husband and seemed in great health. It really made us think and appreciate life and each other.

For the layout, I created this sketch which is found in this PDF.  The PDF also goes over how to create speech bubbles in Microsoft Word.

The video ran long and didn't upload for me as so I had to break it into two parts.  This weekend, I'm going to be trying out some new video editing software and hopefully speed up my upload times.  It currently takes my computer an hour for every 5 minutes of video I have.  There has to be a better way.

The first part goes over the sketch, product selections briefly, photo placement and how to use a single border sticker across a double page spread:

Watch at YouTube:

The 2nd part shows 3 ways to create speech bubbles and the final embellishments.

Watch at YouTube

This sketch works well with 6x6 paper pads.

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. I love the way you did the conversation with the wood pieces!! Great PL layout!

  2. I like that this is a great use for smaller paper pads...nice layout!

  3. Really enjoyed your creative process. I found you on you tube and looking forward to more inspiration. Thank you. Happy to be a new follower too.


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