Sunday, March 31, 2013

Peach and Blue

Has your favorite color always been your favorite color or has it changed over the years?

When I was younger, my favorite was pink which I guess is pretty typical for a little girl.  In junior high, my mother allowed me to redecorate my room.  Well, she did the redecorating but I got to pick out my wall paper.  The only provision was that it had to have matching fabric so everything could be coordinated.  My parents sold wallpaper in their business so I had lots to choose from. I picked a beautiful blue and yellow floral paper with birds on it and thus began my blue and yellow years.

When I graduated from college and moved out, I had a ton of stuff for starting my household courtesy of my mother starting me a 'hope chest' at a young age.  It was fantastic as I had practically everything you would want for a ktichen plus neutral sheets and towels and tons of other stuff.  Very little was color specific except for these brown, orange and gold dishes we had gotten from the bank for opening a savings account.

My friend Dana's father owned a furniture factory and she took me by one day to order my first sofa.  I was thinking I'd need something brown and gold to match the dishes.  As soon as we walked into the factory, there sat the most beautiful sofa in a peach and blue chintz.  I was in love and those dishes never sat on my kitchen table.  I ordered the exact same sofa and thus began my peach and blue years.

When I moved into the house we have now, I was plenty tired of peach and blue and had embraced aqua green as my favorite color which remains to this day.

The photo of me was taken in the early 90's.  I hid another very busy photo in the pocket underneath.  It shows a different view of my first home and how I had it decorated.

For the page, I didn't have much in peach and blue designer paper so I turned to stamps.  The floral stamps are mostly from the Soho Garden District set from American Crafts.  I also used some from a Fancy Pants set that coordinated.  Not only was I into pastel colors, but I liked flowery things as well.

For the lower part of the page, I stamped a simple image repeatedly on some Marina Mist cardstock to emulate the design from the draperies in the photo.  This type of pattern was very popular in fabric in the mid-1980's.

I'm wearing a jumper with embroidered flowers.  Lately I find myself wanting plain tops or perhaps with just a little tone-on-tone trim that I can accessorize with jewelry.  So times have changed and so have I.  

So much more interesting that way.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Beautiful page. Peach and blue is a pretty combination. Thanks for sharing your color story.
    My favorite color for the past umpteen years has been yellow. I don't remember a favorite color as a little girl.

  2. such a pretty layout.
    I like how you popped up the flower center.
    I have changed my favourite colour over the years. I didn't want to like the colour red, because it was my mom's favourite colour. So I changed mine to blue when I was younger, lol.
    Mind you depending on what the colour shade is, or what it is on, my favourites change ;)

  3. those flower stamps are GORGEOUS! pink was never my favorite color... it was blue for a while and then in high school it change to green and now it's between green, orange and purple!!

  4. I love the flowers. You are a wonderful storyteller.


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