Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Happy Days

One of my favorite books from my childhood was actually this schoolbook that was at my grandparents' house.  I think it belonged to my aunt.  Published in 1936, it is about 2 children who visit relatives on a farm and their adventures.  I spent a lot of weekends at my grandparents house.

Here is the journaling:

Clara’s little primer from grade school was one of my favorite books to read growing up.  I read it in Grandma’s living room on cold or rainy days.  The stories are about children who went to visit relatives. They learned about farm animals just as I did when Paw Paw used to take me with him to pick up milk and eggs on Saturdays.  Every week he put his handmade wood carrier with 3 empty mason jars in the back of the blue Chevrolet truck.  I hopped in the cab with him and we went to a farm and swapped out the empty jars for two jars of sweet milk and one jar of buttermilk.  Often there were baby animals at the farm and one autumn I watched the farmers making molasses.  I was amazed at the gorgeous golden color of the sugar cane as it boils. On the dirt road to the farm, we had to cross a bridge and Paw Paw would always tell me, “Hold your feet up so they don’t get wet.”  About every 3 weeks we stopped at another farm to get fresh eggs.  I loved going on errands with my grandfather and I loved the warm, homey stories in Clara’s school book.

I like that doing this prompt got my documenting other elements from my time at my grandparents house. For the page, I used lots of odds and ends including a couple of images I cut from some October Afternoon Public Library paper.

I do have a couple of photos taken outdoors at my grandparents during this time in my childhood but they are old polaroids and in pretty bad shape.  I have scanned them and will use them on other layouts.

Here's the video at YouTube:

And here is the sketch:

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  1. thanks for sharing some precious memories with us Lisa. I usually watch your videos right on your blog but today I jumped over to YouTube and watched. I gave it a like and left a comment. I thought I was subscribed to your channel but I wasn't so I did that as well

  2. Sweet layout, loving the little details!

  3. Your journaling touched my heart.
    I didn't really know my grandparents as they either passed away when my parents were young, I also didn't live near any of my relatives besides my siblings and parents.
    Love your layout!!!!

  4. What a good prompt to lend such a sweet layout. I love seeing your pages from your LOAD challenge!


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