Sunday, February 15, 2015

Little Reading Books

My mother is not a sentimental person. But these little books were special to her or she thought they would be special to me as she saved them - it seems like all of them. When we finally found them a few weeks ago, there must have been a hundred of them!

Here's the journaling:

“You would sit and read those little books for hours,” my mother told me. She would read the books to me and then I would learn the words and read them over and over. When I went searching for the ‘Little Golden Books’ nearly 5 decades later, she said she didn’t have them even though she told me she had kept them. Finally we got on the same page and she had two boxes full of my ‘little reading books.’  There were dozens and dozens of them. The only book I remember specifically is ‘The Button Tree’ which I had at the shop and is lost, but I know all of these books were around me as a young child.  It must have been a stretch some weeks to add one of these to the shopping cart and I love her so much for buying, reading and keeping them.

For the page, I used pages from a couple that didn't survive storage or more likely my overuse that well. Sometimes I have to find other ways of documenting memories without the perfect photo.  I created an e-book on just that dilemma and ways to remedy it last year.  It is called No Photo?  No Problem!  You can find more about it here.

A Silhouette die cut and a little stamping finished off the embellishments.

Here is the process video at YouTube:

And here is the sketch for this page:

Last year's sketches as well as the 2013 Sketchbook are on this page.

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  1. Such a great page! I love the story behind the LO and it's so great that your mum kept the book. I also really like that you used actual pages from books instead of patterned paper. I'm with you on the glasses - I think I almost need them all the time now - such fun getting older!

  2. Hi Lisa, I love this layout, such a good idea to use parts of the books, I think I will use some of the things my children made when they were young like Christmas cards and such. Thank you for the inspiration. I so love your layouts and the stories that go with them, keep up the good work.

    1. That is a great idea to use your children's artwork. You can scan and print them if you don't want to use the originals, but I think if you have a lot of stuff it is fine to use the originals. Where would they be better protected from loss or damage than your scrapbooks?

  3. I not only remember reading these to my daughters…but also to my younger sister.
    I have saved all of you daughters books…plus they would never let me get rid of them.
    I LOVE the topic of your layout and how you put it all together.
    Being the reader that I am, I love that you share your journaling with us as well :)

  4. What a wonderful childhood memory! How I wish I still had my books from childhood! We had an entire set of classics, like Wizard of Oz, Robinson Crusoe, Huckleberry Finn, and a whole lot more. There's no telling how long they've been gone, but I still remember them fondly. Good for your mother for keeping them safe for you - and thanks for sharing!


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