Sunday, February 8, 2015

What is normal?

I did today's LOAD prompt from my husband's point of view.  "What book title would describe your life?" I asked him.

His response:  The New Normal

I can not wait to share this with my stepdaughter.  Now anyone who knows him knows that he is the opposite of what most people consider normal.  Unconventional would be a better way to describe him.  BTW  The title didn't have to be a real book.

For the layout I used a variety of extra photos I had of him.   There is one where he had been stung by a wasp just before we went on vacation. I can't remember now what he did to aggravate the wasps but something that he ought to have better sense than to do.  The photo in the lower right corner is of him with his shirt on inside out and upside down.  He didn't even realize what he had done until I pointed it out.  The dining photo was taken on his birthday a couple of years ago.  We drove 2 hours each way to eat at Boston Market - his favorite meal.  He loves all kinds of food but he really wanted to go there.  Now these are all very mild compared to some of the offbeat things he has done over the years but I had to work with the photos I had. :-) 

I put a few notes about the photos in the hidden journaling and made most of the focus on the photos and title.  The collage came together quickly.

Process video at YouTube:

If you like two pagers, check out the Two Page Terrific class.

So what book title would describe your life?

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  1. Really fun layout, Lisa! So impressed with your LOAD challenges!

  2. Great page Lisa - I really like pages like this with lots of photos from different events and times that tell a story

  3. What a fun layout. I can just hear your DH saying these words! He's always such fun. :-) The two of you are a perfect match!


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