Sunday, April 27, 2014

So what if you don't have a photo?

Do you have a story to tell and no photo to go with it?

My next project will be out in just a few days and addresses just that.  This is a project very near and dear to me.  I started working on this about 2 years ago and then put it aside, brought it back out, put it aside and finally I'm almost done!

I will soon have a new e-book called

No Photo, No Problem: 
10 Techniques for Scrapbooking Your Stories 
without the Perfect Photo

Originally, I was going to do this as a class but finally decided it worked best as a book - a PDF.  There will also be a video accompanying with some techniques for a few of the 17 layouts in the book.

This is very personal to me because I have few childhood photos. So I've had to get creative in how to scrapbook my story without a photo - or with a really blurry, overexposed photo :-).

And I wasn't much of a photographer myself in my 20's so the problem continued.  Then I started scrapbooking but mostly taking photos of the big events and missing the everyday.  It really wasn't until my 40's that I started taking a lot of photos.  I doubt any of us have nearly the number of photos of our own childhood and early adulthood that we take today so there are always plenty of stories that don't have a photo to go with them.

Sometimes even today, I can't get a photo as we may be on a tour or in a museum where they don't allow photography.  I have one example in the book where I just plain forgot to take a single photo of a party I'd given.  I was so mad at myself for missing those snapshots but still found a clever way to capture the night in my scrapbooking.

The PDF shares several techniques for finding photos when you don't have any, finding photo substitutes and doing pages without photos.

Now, if you do have a story and no photo, I bet you have quite a bit of story.  So the PDF also talks some about journaling as these types of pages can be heavy on the journaling.

I look forward to making this available no later than next Monday, May 5. 

Also, I'll soon be starting LOAD for May.  The theme is Past Perfect and should put some of the ideas from the book to good use.  Here's the info on LOAD; I hope you can join us to get lots of pages done about your past life, too!  Click here to view more details
ETA: Just found out there is a special discount of $10 off using code ASAP

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  1. Good for you for sticking with this project, Lisa! There are plenty of reasons and events where you don't have a photo. Can't wait to see what you've come up with. :)

  2. Congrats on reaching the end of your 2 year project. It has to feel wonderful! I can't wait to see more.

  3. I am a story teller and only have a few photos of my childhood….and that is being generous.
    Great idea on a class :)


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