Friday, April 11, 2014

More Dots Wanted

We have a map in the house with little pins in it for all the places we have visited.  We haven't added a lot of points in recent years though we did go to Michigan last fall.  Both of us would like to change that so I did this page to celebrate a few of the places we have been and remind us to get out there and travel!

One of our habits is to take a long walk on our first day in a new place - and get lost.  Of course we don't plan to get lost but it has happened so many times it is expected.  Oh, that would make a good page, too.

I put dots on this map with a permanent marker and that inspired the title.

The map is created using Crafter's Workshop Mini US stencil and several different craft paints.  I matched the paint to October Afternoon's Travel Girl papers.  I match things close but not perfectly.  I think mixing paint is fun.  I love seeing what you can get.  This time I used a light tan rather than white to lighten colors and it dulled them just enough to match the papers closely.

Some Washi and a few stickers from the collection finish it off.

Here's the video on YouTube:

And here's the sketch:

Do you like to travel?  Where in the world do you most want to go?

Don't forget May Layout A Day starts in just a few weeks.  Get a lot of scrapping done.
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  1. Lisa, love the colors and the stencil. Such a fun layout!

  2. Fantastic layout, Lisa, love the topic and the title!

  3. I love your paint treatment of the map and the idea behind it. I love traveling and can't wait to add more dots on my family's map. Great page!

  4. Awesome layout, Lisa! Love the stenciled map and the whole idea behind the layout. I hope this coming year brings you more travel destinations to add on to the map. :)

  5. Lisa, the vibrancy of your map really speaks of exploring! I also did a travel themed layout today, but it was just down the street :-)


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