Sunday, April 6, 2014

April Theme - Stop Saving and Start Scrapping!

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Each month this year, my videos have had a theme.  This month I'm celebrating life by using things I might have been saving.

Do you hoard your supplies waiting for that perfect project to use a special paper?
Do you hang onto an old photo waiting for the day when you will have hours and hours to create the perfect page?
Are there techniques you love but just don't use that often?

It is that last one that today's video addresses.  I love grid pages.  I like seeing other people's grid pages and I always like the ones I create.  Yet I don't make them all that often.

I think part of the reason is that I usually crop and print my photos as rectangles.  Now you can do a grid with rectangles but I just typically don't.  I usually think of grids with square photos and I don't have square photos so the grid design gets ignored.

Well in my stash of photos, I had these 5 taken last year as part of Project Life/ Project 365.  I took or had my husband take photos of me busy doing things.  These were photos of my hands only and I'd already cropped them into squares.  Perfect for a grid design!

For this one, I didn't put anything between the rows.  I got to use some brand new product - BasicGrey's Mon Ami collection.  I also got to use buttons something I love and don't use nearly enough especially considering how many are in my stash.

For the edges, I used a Crafter's Workshop stencil, some ink and a little Washi to finish off the page design.

Kraft background is something I tend to be a bit sparing with as well.  I think I'm going to overdo it and then don't use it when I could.

Here's the process video at YouTube

and here is the sketch:

I'll have more videos using things I'm saving up as the month goes along.  Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Love the grid layout! Your page is beautiful!! And yes, I hoard... I have been trying to do better though. lol

  2. I also love the grid layouts.
    They look neat and organized. Looks easy, but their aren't as everything has to line up perfectly.

  3. I'm also a lover of the grid! I need to use them more often. Beautiful page!

  4. Wonderful grid design, Lisa! Love the embellished squares and the stencil work on the edges!

  5. Love this grid layout on the kraft paper. I really like your designs.

  6. Great layout. Love the way you did the edges!

  7. I'm becoming a greater stencil fan every day. They're so versatile. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Beautiful layout, love the grid and your photos are such a good idea!

  9. Love this layout! I will try something similar really soon!


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