Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Crop of Cards

I attended a fun crop last Saturday with a group of ladies I met via one of the message boards.  Everyone was from NC or Virginia.  It was such fun.  We had a lot of laughs.  I enjoyed seeing what everyone was working on.

I'll admit though that I can not scrapbook away from home.  I never quite know what I'm going to need.  Today for example I pulled out 3 packs of Thickers to do a title and ended up putting them all back and getting 3 other packs because I didn't have the letters in the first ones that I needed.  I'd only just figured out the title so it wasn't something to really pre-plan.

Cards, though, I can do.  These are some from Saturday and they will go in my Operation Write Home box.

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  1. I always find cards more manageable too when I'm cropping with others. :) Love how these turned out. So, so pretty!

  2. Lovely cards. I particularly love the watercolor background "life moments". Do you make more than one of each at a time or are these one of a kind?

    1. Thank you. Usually I make 2 of each kind. I used to make more but Operation Write Home prefers not to get so many multiples anymore as they don't do as many boxes as they once did.

  3. I have trouble doing big projects at crops as well…a layout is a big project to me, lol.
    I end up colouring, making cards or working in my Smash book as I like to visit and check out what everyone else is working on ;)
    All of your cards turned out lovely


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