Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Want to do more scrapbooking?

In last week's Resolutions post on New Year's Day, I talked about making scrapbooking resolutions.  I've seen many people say on message boards that they want to get more scraping done in 2014.

One way to get a lot done is to take a class or a challenge.  LOAD, Layout a Day, is both all rolled into one!   LOAD starts February 1.  EACH day you get...

  • Video for the day
  • Prompt for the day and thoughts on that prompt
  • Sample Layout based on the prompt created by one of a team of scrapbookers

The class also has a private gallery where you can upload your layouts and see what others in the class have done.

The theme of this year's Layout A Day is busting scrapbooking myths.  You don't have to have a photo on every page, you don't need to make every page a work of art, etc.  It is all about having fun and getting a lot done. (Oh, I made a rhyme.  :-)

Anyway, I'm signed up and I hope to see you there.  I can't promise I'll get a layout done every day but I look forward to making many pages, new friends and learning new things.  What's better than that?

So here is how to get in on the fun and save 30% by using the discount code BUST at checkout.

Click here to view more details

The discount is available through tomorrow the 10th.  Hope to see you there!


  1. Have you ever done a LOAD challenge before? I never have. I worry/wonder if the theme she picks would apply to me or how would I apply it to my scrapbooking. What are your comments on LOAD. You seem to scrapbook quite frequently. I can't imagine you feeling that you need to do more. How do you fit it all in? BTW, don't stop making your videos during LOAD. Ove seeing your thought process come to life.

    1. Good questions, Lara. I have not done LOAD before. I know that Lain uses guest artists so I imagine there being several perspectives on the topics and I think that will add variety. There will be 28 prompts so there are bound to be some applicable to me. Like any class, I think you have to review the description and decide if it is for you and the right time for you. I don't plan to do a layout every day, typically I do about 2 per week; however, I do expect to find some new challenges that will expand what I offer on my blog and in my videos. I plan to keep up the videos - at least one process video per week. Thanks for your comments and I'm glad you are enjoying the videos!


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