Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Resolutions and Scrapbook Shopping

Two weeks into the new year and I thought I'd take a look at my New Year's resolutions.  They are to 1) do one of the 7 household chores on my list each day and 2) prepare for the next day each evening.

The first one is going well.  I have done a chore each day so far.  I may make some adjustments to what is on the list, adding and combining some things.  Do I really need to dust every week?  Maybe I just have a high tolerance for dust, but there are some other things that need doing some weeks. Anyway, the idea is working.

The second one involves emptying the dishwasher before bed, figuring out what I'm wearing the next day and a few things I can get done in the evening rather than leaving til morning so I get to my scraproom earlier.  I've done this most of the days - missed a couple.  The challenge now is to get to filming videos early in the morning to take advantage of that great early morning light.  I'm just now finishing today's blog post so I guess I didn't make good on this last night.  I'll keep at it.

Fortunately, reducing my scrapbook spending was not one of my resolutions.  :-)  I've shopped some in January and with new product on its way to our suppliers, I imagine there will be more shopping to come.  In fairness, I spent less in the 4th quarter than anytime I can remember so now I'm catching up.

Here is a short shopping video.  I bought some things from a great Etsy shop Alleystamp - mists and Crafter's Workshop stencils.  Also, I got a few things from Two Peas winter clearance.  Many of the items were on clearance.  There are also some new papers here from Webster's Pages Valentine line and an embellishment or two that are new.

Watch at YouTube

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  1. I try to do a bit of cleaning every day too and find that prepping the night before is definitely a time saver come morning. :)


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