Tuesday, January 14, 2014

One Person's Trash...

Is another's treasure.  We've all heard the old saying and as a lover of one of our local consignments stores, I can definitely say it is true.

My husband found it especially true when a friend saved a box of pinball parts for him.  You would have thought he had won the equivalent of a big box of scrapbook blog candy as delighted as he was with this box of parts.  (Looks like junk to me but what do I know?)

Anyway, we captured the trip which included a visit to his friends' business - a high end arcade game store.  They have one of those player pianos that not only plays the piano but plays other instruments as well.  Very cool.

For the page, I used the 3 photo sketch from last week with 3 4" square photos.  I flipped the journaling and the title positions.

I also used a lot of stickers - something that usually accumulates in my stash - brads, and some of those tiny journaling spots from 6x6 pads.

Here's the process video - the 2nd in the series using this same sketch:

And the sketch

If you missed last week's video using this sketch, click here.

And if you like sketches and a want a whole bunch of them right at your fingertips, click here.

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  1. That saying is so true! Lovely page. I especially like the photo of the piano.

  2. I am enjoying seeing your take on this same sketch.
    Another great layout.


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