Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Next Steps - Process Video and Sketch

Welcome back to the New Year's series.  This is the 5th of the 5 posts.  The past ones are here:

A week of endings and beginnings
2013 Accomplishments page and video
New Year's Resolutions

Yesterday, I gave one example of one of my goals and an objective to help make the goal.  Today I have another goal to share with you and my scrapbook page for capturing my goals and objectives for 2014.

I've found that starting with my long term goals is a good way to figure out what objectives I need.  My long term goals are nothing exciting, romantic or adventuresome.  They are the same kinds of things I imagine most people want.  Things like having financial security and taking care of our parents.

Another goal I have is to develop a career using my training skills and my love of papercrafting.  I worked hard at building my YouTube subscribers last year and created my first on-line training class.  So this year I have this as one of my objectives:

Develop 3 on-line papercrafting classes this year - one in February, one for summer and one in the fall.

The February one is already in process.  My classes are all self-paced.  I want to have a library of resources for scrapbookers to use on their own schedule.  I have other objectives around building viewership on YouTube.  There are many more free videos in the works, too.

So to capture my plans, I created the page above.

For the page I used some Amy Tangerine wood cards, the paperclips that went with the Recorded collection by Webster's Pages, 6x6 and 12x12 from this collection and other odds and ends in my embellishment drawer.

The journaling is contained on several 6 1/2" square sheets under the photo.  More about the process is in the video.  The arrangement is similar to my 2007/08 page that was in yesterday's video.

Watch at YouTube

Here's the sketch:

Oh and the sketch reminds me that I'll have something else new for you coming up in the next few days regarding sketches so stay tuned for that.  So many exciting plans for 2014!

Thanks for coming along with me this week!  I'd love to hear about your plans for the new year.  If you have a blog post, leave us a link.  Happy 2014!


  1. Such a wonderful page, Lisa. I love the tabbed journaling under the photo.

  2. Super page, Lisa. Love all the textures and dimension. You are an inspiration!!!

  3. Great goals for 2014! It has been fun to see you grow and expand. We both closed doors on one business in 2013, looks like we're trying to open others in 2014. Best wishes to you!


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