Friday, June 28, 2013

Travel Girl Travel Journal (video)

In the last couple of years, I've created some kind of travel journal for my trips.  It really helps me keep notes along with all the photos I take.  Last summer, I used October Afternoon's Campfire collection to do a journal for our mountain trip.  I did a video but never got around to posting it. So in the video below, there is a brief bit about that journal before going through the process of making this journal.

I was so excited to see a new collection by October Afternoon!  I love their 8x8 paper pads, label stickers and mini market stickers.  Also with this collection, I got the word stickers and the border stickers.

You can make travel journals or Smash style books out of any papers.  These just happen to be my choices.  I also really like to put ledger papers in so I'll have plenty of writing space.  Here are some close ups of the front cover followed by some of the pages:

Isn't the little car cute?  I won't be traveling with a dog but I'll be loaded down with lots of other things.

I like a few pockets for receipts and journaling cards:

Stamps make the book a bit more fun.

Here is the video at YouTube:

Thanks for watching!  Wherever you go this summer, I hope you travel safe and take lots of pictures!


  1. This is such a great project and a great way to keeping track of a trip, Lisa. I love this!

  2. Hope you have lots of adventurous times to fill in your travel log! ;-) Thanks for sharing how you did this. It's a lovely project.

  3. Hey Lisa! I loved this video and may have to create one for our summer adventures. I was so glad that you told me about your You Tube channel in your last letter. I have been watching one each night before bed. Loved having a face put to the name and now when you mention your parents or Lenny, I have a better idea of who you are talking about. Oh the wonders of technology. :)

  4. Oh my goodness your mini travel book is just to darn cute!!!
    I will have to check out your video :)

  5. Such a clever little project! Looks awesome!!!

  6. This Summer I doubt I will have a holiday as I am totally broke :( but I can't complain as I had two holidays last year, one to Venice and one to India, I felt very lucky.

    1. I have been observing one each evening before bed. Loved having a face put to the title and now when you mention your parents or Lenny. Thanks for distributing how you did this.

  7. I am loving this project. Totally need to try one. You made it look really do-able. Thanks!


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