Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Find Your Voice - Free Class

Happy Tuesday!  And a slightly belated Happy Canada Day to my Canadian readers.  Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend.  And special thanks to Tracy for sharing a link to this free on-line class:

The class just started last week so there is plenty of time to get in on this.  During the first week, one of the questions we were asked was what our storytelling goals were and how they fit in with creative pursuits.   So, I'll answer that here:

I can be a slow scrapbooker and one of the reasons is that I often put off writing the journaling.  It used to be that was the first thing I did back when I really had no supplies and just scrapbooked with photos, what I could type and print on my dot matrix printer and usually a Word Art title.  Now I get busy with design, planning a space for journaling, considering what I want to cover but not actually writing it - until the last minute.  I like to tell myself this is because it is inconvenient to bring my laptop upstairs and print.  Really?  It's that hard to carry a laptop up the stairs and hook it up to a printer. No, it isn't.  I'm just procrastinating.

It isn't only journaling.  Last week I needed to send a Thank You note.  I created a pretty card and wrote the first line of the note - something like "Thank you very much for..." and that was as far as I got for 2 days!  It just sat there waiting on me to find the right words.  I addressed the envelope.  I reread that first line a few times. Well, I finally wrote something down and mailed it off.  Still, I wasn't all that happy with what I wrote.  It was wooden and trite.  I have a particularly hard time when handwriting.  I do much better typing as I can make changes, yet I still put things off.

Scrapbook journaling often becomes the What, Where, When type and not really capturing all an event meant to us.   So I'd like to say more - not necessarily with more words and say it with less stress.

That is what I want to learn this summer.

I've noticed a couple of stamping and cardmaking classes advertised on various blogs. Are you taking any classes this summer?


  1. I think you tell beautiful stories. It's one of the things I love most about your scrapbook pages. They capture everyday life and sweet memories to look back on later. You're better than you think! As for classes this summer, thanks for the heads-up about the writing workshop. Sounds fun! Meanwhile, I purchased 3 from True Scrap, but haven't been able to watch yet. :-( Soon!

  2. That class sounds interesting. I know what you mean about struggling with journalling. It happens to me, too.


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