Friday, July 12, 2013

4th of July past - Process Video

I mentioned the other day that the only place I would travel for the 4th for many, many years was to Gatlinburg, TN.  It is less than 4 hours from here and once you get there, if you are staying in a hotel or condo near downtown, you just park and walk everywhere.

These photos were taken about 1990.  In the video I commented that I really didn't want to cover up my legs with the Thickers.  That sounds vain but hey, will I ever have mid-20's legs again?  Don't think so. Actually, I now have a rather unattractive scar on my right knee from a fall about 4 years ago.  So I'll preserve these photos the best I can :-)

Here is the journaling:
So what if there is a ton of traffic and people 4 deep on the sidewalks? It is the crowd that adds vibrancy to Gatlinburg.  For years, this was the only place I would travel on the 4th because I knew I could park and walk everywhere.  I was never afraid even when there was no one I knew with me.  The light display just gets bigger each year and they have the country’s first Independence day parade at 12:01 a.m. July 4.  I went down one year and watched from the corner of Baskins Creek Road and the Parkway.  Memories are everywhere – the flame in the Village fountain, the smell of chocolate piped out into the street from the candy kitchens, the heat of the day still radiating off the sidewalk, the quick twist to avoid being caught between people filing up and down the streets and ketches in the shops that have been there since my childhood.  This is summer to me.

I went to Gatlinburg at least once a year usually more often from early childhood until my early 40's. We haven't gone in awhile and I miss it.  Perhaps we will get there this fall.

For the page, I embossed some of the fireworks in American Crafts Zing silver powder and some in white.  To get the red spots, I mixed some Mister Huey mist with Perfect Pearls.  It darkened the color and also gave a nice shine.  It was an experiment that paid off.  I really wasn't sure about whole thing but was very pleased with the end result.

The paper for the banners is from a My Mind's Eye 6x6 pad I picked up on sale at Two Peas recently.  They are doing another sale right now on everything in the store!  I'm sitting this one out as I've put myself on an adhesive and photo processing only diet for a few weeks.  We'll see how that goes.  I think scrapbook shopping restrictions are harder than food ones!

Watch at YouTube

I didn't do a sketch for this one as I sort of worked it out as I went along.

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  1. Beautiful layout Lisa! I love the thickers for your title. Isn't it fun to get those older pics out and place them on a page?

  2. Lisa, I love the fireworks you've made. It's so fun and celebratory! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love the fireworks and the banner. Great techniques.


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