Monday, July 15, 2013

Calorie-free Gelatos

On my recent trip, I bought a lot of scrapbooking supplies.  My only regret was a package of Perfect Pearls.  I'm really not using the ones I have so I vowed to do something about it.  At home, I made a list the other day of products and tools I haven't used much or at all.  What surprised me the most was that the majority of my items were in the rolling drawer bin right beside of my chair!  Why am I not using my Perfect Pearls more or why haven't I even opened that grunge board I bought 2 years ago?  It is puzzling when I haven't tried something at all.  I'm not a person who can buy a new dress and hang it in the closet.

Faber Castell Gelatos were one of the things I hadn't used at all.  I bought them when I was taking an art class of Christi Tomlinsons.  Before I could completely finish a class project, I had the opportunity to teach the 6x6 Scrapinar so my artsy stuff mostly got put on hold and the gelatos stayed in their packaging - until last week.

I watched some YouTube videos to see how to use these colorful tubes on cards.  They go on like lipstick and give gorgeous color.  Mine are the metallics so they have a shine as well.  Here are my favorite videos so far:  How to use Faber Castell Gelatos by Darlene DeVries  and Emboss Resist using Faber Castell Gelatos by injoystampin. 

The card on top is the emboss relief with gelatos.  The paper is some very, very old book paper from a Latin textbook I bought at an antique mall when I was looking for class supplies.  Oh, there is another thing I can check off my list!

The card below is based on Darlene Devries using her technique for the flowers. I also used the gelatos for my background as well.

One thing I really love is that these dry permanent so the color and the shine don't wear off.

So I've been having some fun using great new products. Oh and that 6x6 class I taught is now available for replay for $7 via the link here or on the right side of my blog page.

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  1. Lisa,
    Those flowers are gorgeous! Love gelatos too as you can do so many magnificent things with them. Beautiful cards!

  2. Your title made me chuckle and your cards are beautiful!

  3. I wish gelato really was calorie free. :) Your cards are so beautiful. So soft and pretty!

  4. Lisa, your cards are lovely, and congratulations on using some of the new "goodies." That's always so satisfying!

  5. I loved your post title. What gorgeous cards. I have seen Gelatos at the stamp store recently, but I haven't tried them yet. I am intrigued now.


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