Monday, June 17, 2013

Fishing Experience (Scrapinar layout)

This first layout from last week's Scrapinar focused on using full sheets of 6x6 papers.  I used 4 for the background.  When I showed my husband this page and another one I'd made a few weeks ago with the same photos (and the colorful stamped punched images), I asked which one he liked better. We would keep one of the pages and give one to my step daughter for her album.  "Oh, this one of course!  It even has little canoes!"

Yes, it has canoes, and trees and a lake.  It will be the only page with those as those three papers appear only once in the Lakeside paper pad from Pebbles while there are 2 of each of most of the others.  That's my only complaint with this pad.  Those are great papers and I wish I had more of them.

When I completed this page, this was how it looked:

It looked sort of 'blah' to me.  The photos stood out but nothing else did. All the elements sort of ran together.  I'd gotten a bit too carried away in my blue/green/beige color scheme and there was no contrast.  So I took the photo because I was about to try something on that one-of-a-kind paper that just might not work.  I wanted to outline the letters with a black Sharpie.

The 'before' version is shown on the left.

The After version is here.   Then I added a black mat for the journaling.


After the mat:  

So just a touch of contrast really helped this layout.

This page was the first layout in our Scrapinar last week.  I'll be posting all the layouts over the next 2 weeks.  In the blog posts I'll focus on things we didn't talk about during the Scrapinar.  Four of the layouts also have a process video stay tuned.

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  2. I loved all the tips from the scrapinar... but this layout was my favorite. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. What a great layout. I didn't mind the original but wow, the updated version is awesome.

  4. Wow I just seen this layout on the scrapinar replay and it blew my mind when I seen you using the maya road wood polaroids :) I have them and now know what to do with them thank you oh so much the best tip I seen in a long time :) I am now a new follower and look forward to checking out your blog more


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