Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What's under his hat?

Last year my husband wanted to bring his fishing hat along to the beach.  There are lots of fishing opportunities at the ocean and in the lagoons.  However, he wasn't bringing any of his fishing gear which seemed strange to me.   (After over 20 years, I should not find anything my husband does as 'strange.')

What did he want the hat for?  Why, to store his MP3 player on top of his head so he could listen to books on tape while exercising in the pool, of course!  Who wouldn't figure this out?  This is how my husband's mind works and his idea did work.  The hat stayed on, the MP3 player stayed dry and he got in some water exercise.  Oh and looking silly does not bother him at all.

So I've captured this funny little moment here.  For the page, I used a stencil I cut on the Cricut a la yesterday's video.  For the embellishment groups, I combined some stickers, stamps and Cricut flourishes.

The water drops are created using Ranger's Glossy Accents. 

Watch at YouTube or here

And here is the sketch:

Last night, the 500th subscriber joined  my YouTube channel so I'm pretty excited about that.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Clever man! Reminds me of something my Dad would have conjured up. :) Love the wonderful page with the circles and water droplets.

  2. love this layout Lisa and how you used a stencil to incorporate a little mixed media-great video explaining letting us get into your creative thought porcess

  3. Lovely layout and what an adorable story. You never know what men will do! Too cute.

  4. great color scheme! love all the little swirls.

  5. Love your blog, and love this layout. Thanks for sharing your technique scrapping with me!

  6. This is such a great page!
    I love your water drops and the letters :)
    I also love your husbands spirit :)
    Mind you, I would be paranoid that I would drop that puppy in the I have done this with both my daughters and my camera :(

  7. Love your page. The water drops are a great idea. What a fantastic story.


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