Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Living Room - Process video

We don't have a separate living room and den; we just have one room and so we use this room all the time.  We read, watch television either on the real TV or on my laptop, eat sometimes, pet the cat, talk, and visit.  It is a busy place for a house with only two people.  Oh and the cat, we mustn't for get His Majesty who reigns in every room.

I grew up in a house with a formal living room that was only used when I was dating.  My Mother keeps the room immaculate now and it is gorgeous but more of a museum than a living space.  My goal is to use every inch of my house.  I'm excelling in my craft space/guest bedroom where I have every drawer filled with product - ah, but that is another story.

For this page, I used several shots taken in the last few months of activities in our busy room.  There is one in the kitchen of Lenny and I cooking together but it is all open.  I used a 3x3 grid and 6x6 papers for each of the sections.  The small scale prints make these papers perfect for matting.  The coordinating 12x12 papers fill in the rest.  The page also has a few of those tiny journaling cards for embellishments.  Also for embellishments, I cut out some of the paper designs and added some butterflies colored and stamped.

The biggest challenge for this page was figuring out which Washi tape to use.  I must have rolled and unrolled a dozen tapes before settling on a the red and teal.  The striped one I tried so hard to use in the video finally found a home on another layout later on.

I shared this page in the Scrapinar but didn't show any of the video so here it is.  The video goes pretty fast.  It was so long; I may have gotten carried away with shortening it.  Let me know what you think - faster pace or should I have slowed it down a bit?

Watch at YouTube

And here is the sketch:

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  1. another awesome layout and video Lisa-love how we can get into your creative thought process with you-I think the video could even be a tad shorter

  2. Beautiful scrapbook. Nice art of yours. You made it really nice. Thank you for sharing how to do it. I am inspired to make my own creation.

  3. Gorgeous. You've got me rethinking my dislike of the wood shapes. Now that I see how easily they take ink I'm inspired.


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