Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Scrapping a "Typical Day" video

If you look closely at these photos and read the captions, you might think I'm having a really dull life right now.  Nope.  For me, January was bliss!  I don't think I've ever enjoyed the start of the year more.

Usually this time of year, I feel a let down from end of the holiday season, the short days, the cold weather and the interminable time it seems to be until spring.  This year though I've been very happy.  I've felt good.  I've also been spending a lot of time doing things I really want to do.  While I do still have some work and there have been plenty of doctor's visits for my parents and us (routine - no one is seriously ill, thankfully), I've had little to worry over.  It's been heavenly.

So this page may make me look rather boring, but I'm definitely not bored.

This is my Project Life page for the week as I took photos throughout the week picking up things that happen most every day.  It isn't everything in a day, for sure.  The hidden pocket has more details on my schedule and my thoughts about the month.  I plan to do a page like this on my husband soon. This week I'm taking photos of him and his pinball business a.k.a obsession.

The page features two popular scrapbook trends:  sunbursts and pie shapes.  I've been wanting to try sunbursts for awhile.  It is really easy to do and I included the measurements on the sketch.  It makes the sketch look complicated but it isn't at all.

Creating the pie shape was a bit more of a challenge.  I experimented with several ideas before landing on a couple I liked.  For the large pie, I've glued 4 2" squares  on a scrap piece of paper and the cut out a circle so that the squares form a pie with 4 pieces all the same size.  Then I added some additional pieces over it to create an "exploding" pie.

For the little pies, I just cut two circles the same size and punched a hole in the center.  Then I cut out a slice on one of the circles.  I layered them and added a brad.

The video also shows the pocket and goes through my process for selecting the right papers.

Here is the link to the pdf that contains the sketch shown below:  Scrapbook sketch and tips for Typical Day page.

Watch at YouTube:

So that's my PL page for this week.  Even if  you don't do Project Life, capturing a typical day can be enlightening. It would also be fun to do this every few years and see how your life changes and what stays the same.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow Lisa... love this vid. So much info and knowledge packaged within you! Thanks for sharing and inspiring so much! Kathi

  2. I think you've found your "zen" spot. This week is nothing short of inspirational. I've enjoyed your posts very much. Keep 'em coming!

  3. Such a fun layout.
    I like seeing what everyone does in their ordinary everyday lives.

  4. What a fabulous page, Lisa. I LOVE that layout.

  5. Love your page! I would not call your life boring. Looks like a great balance!


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