Monday, February 11, 2013

Just Right

Just the right

distance from home... length of stay... vacations for us in 2013.

Typically we make one trip per year to someplace we have never been.  We had planned to go visit my friend in D.C. where we have visited several times and then drive on into Delaware which would have been new to both of us.  My sudden onset of sciatic problems stopped that.  We ended up traveling mostly within our own state plus our usual beach trip to S.C.

The trips were the perfect length in both distance and length of stay for us this year.   Things have a way of working out.

This page will be my last page of our travel album for the year.  I used a technique from my Art Class at Two Peas on the maps.  I used several layers of Modge Podge to adhere and finish the torn pieces of mostly NC and SC maps.  One layer had some white paint as our instructor Wilna had suggested as a way to tone down the color and soften the look.

Given the backdrop, I kept the rest of the layout simple finishing with some twine and clips from Basic Grey. This is one of those reasons I wanted to take this class - to do something a bit different with a traditional page.

I'm trying to get my 2012 albums - one for everyday stuff and one travel -  in order to show my husband for Valentine's Day.  He has seen many of the pages already, but not all.  It is nice to go through them together.  I won't have quite every page in there.  Since I started doing American Crafts albums rather than Creative Memories, I don't feel so pushed to have everything done.  It is easy to add some more pages later.

Do you add more pages to your albums later on or do a whole album before moving on to the next one?

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  1. Lisa, please share more about the class you are taking... I am LOVING your new style emerging... you are VERY talented and I don't think that comes from a class! You were ready for this class... do they teach it regularly or is it a vid series you pay for then watch in your own time? Can you post more about it or link me back to a post with info on a future class... I am not in a place to do it today but I can see that being a summer fun project for me! Thanks and thanks for offering such inspiring work with maps of all things! You rock! Kathi

    1. Kathy, thanks so much for your lovely comments. I'm sending you an e-mail with a link to the class. I'll post more about the class when I post my next class project so everyone can have a link. I will have had more time to participate by then, too.

  2. Lisa, this is a lovely layout. I just love how you used the map paper for the background to capture your trip. Love the technique you used.


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