Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Page and Video - Building Embellishment Groups

You know that commercial with the woman who says she needs to go shopping for some new shoes and the next thing you know she is climbing up that itty bitty rock way over the canyon?  My husband covers his eyes.  He can't understand why anyone would do that.  Well, I don't either.  I would never take up rock climbing.  On the other hand,  I do like to get a good view as long as I do it from dry land.  (I get seasick on a ferry.)

Here is the journaling for the page:

The video shares how I line up the text on the ledger lines.  I created the embellishment groupings from a Stampin' Up! stamp, wood veneer pieces, word stickers and a combo of ribbon and Washi.

In the video, I share my process for choosing the elements and layering.  My title ran a bit long so I used some smaller letter stickers and words where possible to finish it off.

Some of the mist is a bit smeared.  It was actually a LOT worse.  At the end of the video you'll see my near disaster or what we'll call a Misting Mishap.  Fortunately there was a way to recover.  The lesson I learned was to blot with a paper towel, not a cloth and to put the mist bottle down when not in use!

With several things covered in the video, it is a longer on than usual.  After the sketch and paper selections, there is a screen that tells what minute each thing starts so you can jump ahead to embellishments or another part if you like.

Watch at YouTube:

Here is the PDF with the sketch and a few tips:  Page with Embellishment Groupings

Next week, I'll have a Project Life page for the last two weeks of February.

Thanks for visiting!

1 comment:

  1. This is a great layout, I love all the embellishments you added.
    I like to keep my feet on the ground...but a bit further from the edge then you, lol.
    I had a friend who was too close to the edge and the edge let go and down he went....luckily it was a sand cliff and he wasn't hurt..but I still remember.


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